Monday, August 03, 2015

Fixing those never ending broken links!!

How many of you have actual websites or blogs that you create using HTML?  So you know how much maintenance they take to keep them current. 

Well, I have been updating my amazon links to their new format for weeks, and finally got all those ads on, changed! All 154 pages of them!  Praying they don't pull that nasty again!  

Now back to working on fixing or removing the broken links on my site. I think on my 912+ page website there are 1 million or so! Well, I am exaggerating but it feels like it!

My daughter Patti told me about so that's what I am using to find out easily which ones don't work anymore. 

Now, if only you could click on a button and remove all the broken links... but nope, I have to open every page one at a time, and then remove the HTML for each broken link, or change it if I can find an archived version. 

I have heard that it make 'google' like your pages much better, and your readers are more likely to come and stay, or come back over and over, if the links work, (makes perfect sense). That way perhaps more people will click on the ads they like or are interested in, and just maybe, I will make enough money to keep my site online, AND be able to pay our household bills and that's a big YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!! 

So off I go to work on those links and one of these days, I will figure out a new format so that my site is mobile device friendlier.  Google ads is telling me my site needs work in that area.

I wish they knew that I am heading on the fast track to 60 years old, learned HTML over a decade ago when I was working for the Osmonds, and now there is no one to train me in updated formats and I am the only person who maintains all 912+ pages.  :)  

Oh yes, and I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago!  Love the easy care it takes!

So I will go work on my website, and you go hug the ones you love!!

Monday, June 08, 2015

UMC newborn mini-kits!

Good morning!
If you like making newborn hats and booties then you might want to join us in making newborn mini-kits for the babies born at the county hospital in Vegas!  This will be an ongoing project but we are hoping to have our first assembling in October 2015!

Some simple crocheted patterns are included in the links below, but you may use ANY pattern you enjoy making!

Items needed for each kit:
1 newborn hat  (
1 pair newborn booties  (
1 washcloth  ( )
2 paper diapers (If you have any newborn diapers-- even a couple from grandkids visiting etc, please send them)
1 bar of Ivory soap

All these will be place in a 1 qt sized ziplock bag. (SO WE NEED 1 QT SIZED ZIPLOCKS)

If anyone would like to make 32" blankets (fleece would work great!) these kits could be pinned to a blanket which would be even more wonderful!
These blankets would be a wonderful Eagle Scout project too!

You can find free patterns for these items on this page:
knitted cloths here:

Hoping to get a kit made up real soon, and then I can post a photo!!

Items can be mailed  (Before October 5, 2015)  to:
Bev Qualheim (Crafting Angels)
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427

Hug the ones you love!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Making Bears and Dolls for Orphans!

If any of you knitters or crocheters would like to make some easy dolls and bears for wonderful children in orphanages, please take a look at my patterns and info, and help the Kaiizen Foundation today.  There are knitted patterns for dolls and bears or crocheted patterns for both!

'CRAFTING ANGELS' is sending the Kaiizen Foundation, their first batch of toys and such, mid-May, so that the group can take them to a Swaziland orphanage in mid-June!  They also need baby blankets/quilts; hacky sacks, balls, hair pretties etc.

Here is the website with patterns and info:

Hug the ones you love today!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Holiday newborn hats by BEV!

If you have a new little one expected in your family soon, then these sweet hats might interest you or someone you know!

They are loom knitted and filled with love and cuteness, I promise!  and you can find them for sale here:

HUG the ones you love today!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

44 fabulous patterns from BEVS

Hope your day is going great!  Mine sure it!  We are picking up our foreign exchange student in a few hours!  Been cleaning my house all morning and it smells great!  Well... on to something you will definitely want to buy for yourself and your crafting friends!  

I have 2 fun pattern booklets for sale filled with readers faves from Bevscountrycottage.

The first one has 20 patterns chosen especially for our humanitarian booth at the Clark Cty NV Fair, by readers like you! The 2nd one features 24 patterns from my site that are loved by many! Patterns in both include, preemie items, mittens for kids, scarves, blankets, sweaters, toys and more!

These booklets are great to either print out for your purse or knitting bag, or you can save them to your phone, ipad etc to take with you!

They are only $3 each and are instant downloads! I love the convenience of always having my fave family and humanitarian patterns when I travel etc.! Hope you do too.

Hug the ones you love today!! ♥


Saturday, August 09, 2014

Knit and cook up a Spa Kit!

Brand new instant download, knitting pattern from Bev to knit spa cloths, face cleansing pads and bath salts--all in one! Only $2.50 for all of this fabulous info!

Everyone deserves a 'spa day'! Create your own using these beautiful hand knitted spa cloths that you knit using Bev's easy PDF pattern. 

Now, these cloths and face pads are not your run of the mill, kitchen cotton cloths, but are made using 2 strands of #10 crochet cotton held together. (This is the type of cotton used to make snowflakes, and doilies.) Holding 2 strands together, with size 6 needles, makes a soft, drapey, cloth.  Combine fun colors and create a soft, gift for everyone on your gifting lists this year!

I've even made some for new grandbabies! Love them!

They are a welcome gift for friends and family, but be sure to knit a set for yourself to use too.

You not only get a pattern for a full sized spa cloth, but you also get a pattern for making gentle face-cleansing pads, AND, a recipe for fabulous bath salts!

As with all of Bev's patterns, you are welcome to sell any items made from them in craft shows and so forth.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Bev's Opened a new CAFEPRESS Shop!

Be sure to check out Bev's Country Cottage's new shop for everyone who likes to knit, crochet, or sew or loom knit... well, who loves to make handmade items?!

We have shirts, jackets, bags, purses, mugs, you name it!  All high quality and SO MUCH FUN!!  Please tell your crafting friends all about it so they can proudly wear these fun items too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bev's Pattern Booklet!

For those of you who missed coming to my humanitarian booth at the Clark County Fair last weekend... AND missed getting a copy of my 'Bev's Pattern Booklet', not to worry!  I have made it available online now for everyone!

There are 20 reader-favorite knit, crochet and loom knitted patterns in this take-along booklet.  It fits in most purses and in all craft bags!  I asked my readers from my Bevs Country Cottage Facebook page, what patterns they made over and over and would like to have with them when they travel, or are sitting at the doctors office and such.  This booklet is the product of that survey!
You can buy a copy for yourself for just $3! It also contains my hat and blanket size charts for easy reference, hook and needle conversion chart and more! You are going to LOVE IT!! Bev