Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ok- back to the BLOG-SCARFING!

So, who is working on their BLOG-SCARF? I have been dragging around my plastic grocery bag with that scarf in it, and adding a row or 10 here and there, in my daily hub-bub.

I am past the pink that was the last row in my last posted photo... It's definitely not long enough for warm use yet, but row by row it is getting there. Reminds me of how the Lord teaches us, "line upon line, precept upon precept." We grow spiritually and become like Christ this way, becoming warmer and warmer as we grow. Don't you love knitting? It can be used for good in so many ways, to warm others, to teach spiritual lessons... to relax us and keep our blood pressure low and our minds quick.

Sorry, I digress... my mind often wanders into unchartered territory. =)

Back to knitting.

Now, at the Kirby Heyborne concert this talented young man suddenly stopped mid-sad-song, and concentrating on the audience stated 'Are you KNITTING?!" hmmm.... could be.....

I think he actually saw my buddy Suzy who was knitting and sitting next to me as she was making a baby sweater using a secret pattern of my design (that will be in my upcoming book!) and she was using metal needles and WHITE YARN! I was quietly working on designing some Christmas type sock-booties using discreet wooden needles ;) that were not reflecting the house or stage lights. However, when they turned up the houselights it became obvious that we were both knitting away! He commented on what a relaxed audience this was. 'YA THINK'!??

Well, Kirby, Moapa Valley is a relaxed kinda place, where you might find women knitting everywhere you go, as we are aiming for many thousand handmade items for humanitarian, as part of a stake project this year. I am the stake humanitarian project leader for that, and I am sad to think it will soon be over.

Course, Crafting Angels in our ward goes on and on and on... =)

Here are the "Kirby Concert Christmas Socks"

They would be much simpler on dps but I have not mastered those in the dark yet, so they are on 2 needles.
1 oz of Christmas yarn
Size 7 knitting needles

Cast on 20 sts
Make ribbing of knit 1, purl 1 for about 1.5"
Now do stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) for 4"

DECREASE: knit 2 together around
Purl 1 row
Knit 2 together around.

Cut yarn about 10" long and use a sewing needle to weave the sts off the knitting needle. Pull tightly for toe and then seam side.
Make another.

Are those cute or what?

Back to the BLOG-SCARFING...
If you would like to join us, it's an easy thing to do. You will need a couple of skeins of sock yarn or fingering yarn, PLUS, several colors of worsted weight 4 ply yarn (4 oz of so). I am using size 10 needles... well, instead of me telling you all about it again, you can read about it here:

I would love to see 100's of us making these warm scarves for the Dulaan Project, or for a humanitarian project of your choice. Using those 2 strands together makes for a nice warm scarf. With the white I am working on right now, I had to add my 2nd skein of sock yarn, so it does knit up a lot of rows.

The other day I got a phone call from a lady at Church, our Relief Society President actually, telling me there are about 8 boxes of material for quilts in her garage. Mutual friend Pam J from Utah brought it down with her. So, Joye H who helps me with Crafting Angels these days, is coming over later to help herself to as much as she wants. It's a TON and will make lots of warm, big blankets for LDS Humanitarian.

Check it out:

Well, gotta run. Get those needles clicking!



Marla said...

The socks are so cute Bev!! Maybe when I take this knitting class next month I can try some of them. I've only knitted straight things so far and not too recently!!!

bevq said...

They are really easy to make Marla! You only need to know basics to make them. I just added a link to my blog that has fabulous knitting video-tutorials. You may be able to learn from those.


Shelby said...

If that! isnt the cutest, I dont know what is!

Shelby said...

If that! isnt the cutest, I dont know what is!

Evadean said...

Hi Bev, Probably don't know me but just happened onto your blog and it was fun. I was checking out the Stake site to find out about the Family History Library. We are in the 6th ward. I'll keep checking and learn how to do some of the things you are showing. Thanks