Friday, May 11, 2007

Before the wedding...

Today is the day! Our eldest son is getting married in the Temple of the Lord today, for not only time on this earth, or till death do you part, but for Eternity, as the Lord intended when Adam and Eve were married in the Garden of Eden.

It is a happy day in this house. =) Joanna is lovely and bubbly and fun! I pray for the best our Father in Heaven has in store for them.

Shaun is a good, kind, man, with a heart as big as all earth. He is gentle and caring, and will be such a good husband and later a good father. I am thankful for him for all he has taught me, for how he came into this world and strengthened me as a young woman of 22.

I promised a mitten pattern from Women's Conference and I have not forgotten. I have about 1/2 of it typed up on my website now. Next week should be calmer and I should have some more time...


A wonderful gift for mom - is this beautiful fireside given by my
friend Tomas Kofod and his wife Ane Marie Kofod from Denmark. Tomas
portrayed brilliantly, the role of the Savior, Jesus Christ in the
movie 'The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd'. Anyone who loves
the Savior will love this.

You can buy it here today using PAYPAL.

http://www.ofonefol html

As they recall how the Lord worked in each of their lives to bring to
pass His purposes for both of them, I was reminded that our Father in
Heaven does sometimes push us to the very edge to see how firm our
faith in Him is. He has a definite plan for every single one of us
and if we are faithful you can see that plan unfold just as it did for
Tomas and Ane Marie. Their stories are truly amazing!

I was reminded that our Savior is in control IF we allow Him to be,
and that all things will work together for our good, even if we cannot
see that in the midst of the trials we must pass through to become
like Him. Sometimes things seem impossible, but they WILL happen if
we love Him, that is a central theme in these great talks.

Please don't miss sharing this Fireside with mom. I know it's late to
order for mother's day, but, mom deserves this any time of the year.
It is truly beautiful and I highly recommend it! This one gets 5 Stars
from me!

http://www.ofonefol html



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