Thursday, May 24, 2007

Definitely new YAHOO group, American Idol

I am definitely creating a new yahoo group and it will be called 'Bevs-LDS-Humanitarian'. This will replace my old Bears and Blankets group which has really been a slow group in the past couple of years.

The change will take place this evening sometime. If you are a member of the Bears and Blankets group and would like to remain as I make the change, you don't have to do anything. I will change the name, the look, the mission statement, the files etc, this evening. It should be brand new right afterwards.

The group will be focused almost entirely on making things for LDS Humanitarian, and we will share pattern links, ideas, things we are doing in our wards and branches, Relief Society happenings, news of the LDS Church as a whole doing major humanitarian work and so forth. I don't want it to stray too much off topic if possible, although sharing uplifting quotes and such would be great!

It will be an LDS/Christian based group focused on helping others through LDS Humanitarian and all are welcome. All you need is a giving heart and willing hands and maybe a bit of knowledge about yarn!

There will be a weekly 'mini challenge' which will highlight things like making mittens or teddy bears for kids one week, sewing school bags for the school kits the next, or assembling hygiene kits for Family Home Evening.

ye olde NEWSLETTER...
I am going to leave my Bev's Country Cottage newsletter up for a few days longer as there are many recipes and such I have been trying to remove and post on my website recipe page. So people can still come there to read for a while but I will not be updating it anymore, just this blog and Bev's Country Cottage website itself.

Say, for all you crafters, has a big Memorial Day celebration (use code MAYE750 as you check out and save 50% off reg. price of one item) and sale coming up. Click on any of the yarns or other JoAnns items on my site and then you can either purchase that, or navigate around their website, and Bev's Country Cottage will still receive credit for your purchases! And a big thanks to all of you who do shop from my site, to help support us! There are Amazon books being purchased and yarns, and sewing material, and groceries from the preparedness section, and.... heck, you could really never have to load up that gas tank again! Well, not as often at least! LOL!!

Just stay home and shop from Bev's =) You'd make my day!

Jordin won! She really does has an incredible voice, now that I gave her a chance since Melinda was voted off. Jordin definitely deserved to win with her beautiful voice. I still hope Melinda Doolittle gets a recording contract though! I would be first in line to purchase a CD of her singing! How about we have all 3 of those gals Melinda, Jordin and I think her name was Lakeisha (no idea how to spell it) form a new girls group (like the Supremes!) and those CDs would sell like hotcakes!

Great job Jordin and Blake. Blake looks a lot like my son Shaun, although Shaun is a much bigger guy. He is over 6' tall and built like a linebacker.

It was uncanny watching Blake sing and smile... It's kinda hard to tell how much they look alike in these photos, but he just really reminds me of my son, plus Shaun sings beautifully. =)

Well, back to work on here. I have been adding to my recipe pages as I remove them from the old newsletter. So enjoy those! Summer is really upon us here in Logandale, and picnics can't be far behind with Memorial Day weekend almost here. Lots of yummy foods to pack in that basket.

I am still working hard on that book of mine and hope to get it finished up in the next couple of weeks. Not that we have a publisher yet, but with a complete book to send them we might just get one. Take care all!!


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