Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gas boycott???

I have been receiving so many of these 'Boycott buying gas on May 15th' emails I just wanted to address this.

As North Americans we tend to 'believe in' quick fixes. If we have a headache we pop an Advil and want it gone in 20 mins or less! We rarely eat meals together as a family any more, and even when we do it's 'Hamburger Helper' or fast food from a restaurant. Instead of eating healthily we pop a vitamin and think it will suffice.

It's the same with gasoline. Not buying gas on one will day, will NOT work. It will likely NOT lower gas prices, because sooner or later you are going to need gas in your car. And the poor gas station owner is NOT responsible for the greed involved in the whole 'gas' price hike!!

How about if you not only don't buy gas on May 15th, you actually WALK instead of drive? How about if you normally WALK instead of drive places you always take your car to? Can you walk to your friends house instead of drive if it's within a mile or 2?? Now that WILL save on gas. Can you walk to the store? Or to take the kids to school?

Now here is a novel idea-- buy a bike! You won't need gas.

Now you can get places faster and LOSE WEIGHT!

If you want to read the TRUTH about this boycott, the facts, not the misinformation in the email that is currently circulating... check out the 'urbanlegends' site. In fact bookmark that so you can look up all these hoaxes instead of sending them out to thousands of people online.


Onto to other more important (to me) things...

There are so many in this world who will go without food ALL day today. Their babies will go without food too, and they will cry and hurt. Many are going without warm clothing too, or necessary bedding and a few comforts today while they are ill or hurting and tired.

What can you do? What can I do?

So many things. You do not have to have lots of money to help. You do need to learn to crochet or knit or sew though for this.

I know we are just coming into the heat of summer here in America, but in just 5 months, there will be people freezing in this country, and all over the world. If you learn to knit or crochet TODAY think how many warm items you will be able to have created by October!

Here is a page with tutorials galore so you can learn or relearn:

and of course you need a pattern or 2! Since most of our body heat is lost out of the top of our heads, hats are a good thing to make.

Easiest way? I think probably LOOMING is the easiest way.

and this is my favorite hat to make for babies, but it could of course be made in any size using the larger looms:

Bev's Double Newborn Hat
Copyright 2004, 2006 Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved
These hats turned out SO cute! Took me about an hour to make, so not bad and certainly faster than knitting by hand. Really warm too. These can be made with any size looms (newborn to adult) by adjusting the amount of yarn needed.
Bev's Double hats
'In The Attic' Newborn hat Loom
2 oz total of 3 different colored Simply Soft BRITES Yarns

With 1st color, E-wrap twice around loom, using 2 strands.
Single knit 15 rows, 1 over 1.
Change colors, cutting off old color and tying in the new one. (This will form the brim on both hats.)
Single knit 11 rows.
Change colors to our final color.
Single knit 15 rows.
knitting off brim
Turn up the 'brim' which actually is the inside/reversable hat!
Knit off the 'brim' as usual, cut the yarn into a 12" tail.

Remove the hat from the loom using the gathered method. This makes a gorgeous hat for a new baby to wear! Choose any 3 colors to make this hat, and reverse the hat so you have 2 hats.

Child's Double Hat - fits a preschooler to age 10
Make it the same as the newborn one above, but with the following changes:
Use BABY Hat loom 31 pegs
Do 20 rows in the first color
16 rows in the 2nd color
20 rows in the 3rd color.


FINALLY.... summer fun for you and the kiddies!!!

Gotta run to Crafting Angels!! Take care and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!



Lee said...

Bev, I do agree using the car less and less. Since I left America and moved to Egypt we basically take bus when we have to leave the city other than that we walk. Almost everywhere because we don't own a car anyway. But let me tell you I lost 30 pounds walking.

Diane said...

I thought the same thing with the gas boycott. "Gee, not like everyone is going to plan ahead and just fill up a day or two before." I've also been wondering about my friends who keep passing this stuff around. Why? Pass around something inspirational, pass on a good deed, pass on something I can think about to make myself a better person.