Thursday, March 13, 2008

Elder Qualheim is on his mission

Yesterday was the hard day for many 'mom's of missionaries' for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hundreds of us (and dads and grandparents) gathered at the MTC (Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, to off our sons and daughters to the Lord for 2 years of service in His name. There were lots of tears as we sent them off through one door, and we exited through another. But it's all good. =)

Thought I'd share this photo my son Christopher took of Elder Qualheim and me right before we went into the MTC to see him off. I look like a midget! I am actually 5'7" tall but Timmy is about 6' 3" or 4" maybe.

We cannot see our missionaries, during that time, but we can write letters. And we receive phone calls twice a year; on Mother's Day and on Christmas day. Other than that, the only contact is via mail. Some missions have email and allow their missionaries to use that to communicate.

Timothy, my son, will be in the MTC until April 2nd or so, about 3 weeks. Then he heads out to the South Dakota, Rapid City mission to serve and teach the people there. If you live there and happen to see this tall, dark, handsome missionary walking around with his companion I hope you will invite them in and feed them and warm them, and hear their message if you have not heard it. =) (That's a mother's heart speaking!!)

I am so proud of who this young man has become. He has really gained a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. And he will be a great missionary and love the people whom he teaches there on his mission.

I am thankful for a son who has the love of the Lord in his heart and in his mind, and he will do so many great things for the people of the Dakotas in the next 2 years.

If you are on Ravelry you might want to join me in this 'macuwita-sni' group that helps the children of the Sioux warm and cozy as they have terribly harsh winters there as my son will soon discover! I am not certain if he will actually get to teach the people on the reservations there, but I wanted to join this group and in my own way, serve some of the people in his mission area. They need warm wool sweaters, hats, mittens and so forth. Wool is really the best for warmth as it will repel water better, and is a better insulator than acrylics.

If you can knit some sweaters for them for this winter that would be great! The pattern above can be found here.

Well, I am off to clean a bit.



Beverly said...

Hi Bev -
I wish your son best wishes on his mission (and I pray that you will be able to endure his going)

I found your blog on Google as I was looking for crochet hat patterns. I am a knitter more than a crocheter, but I am planning a Sit & Knit, an all day knitting marathon for charity and I was in search of hat patterns.

I am pleased to give you credit on my blog for the hats and have placed a link to your blog as well.

The Sit & Knit is the brainchild of StitchCraft - the knitting and craft circle of United Methodist Women and it is the first time we are trying it.

Thank you for your patterns. Be assured they will be used for serving God and His people.

By the way, I'm a beverly, too!
my blog is

jamie said...

I have joined the Rav group and will cast on today. Thanks for leading me to it. I wish your son the best.

Sandy said...

Bev, could I ask why communication is so restricted during their 2 years of service? I knew they were required to do a 2 year service thing, but never realized they weren't able to communicate/see families etc.

You are right about the cold winters in the Dakota's. I've sent things to Pine Ridge Reservation in the past; though it's been a while since I've done that. Must put that area back on my list. I try to move things around. So much need and too little time to work the yarn.


bevq said...

Hi Sandy
There are many reasons for the restricted communications. One reason being that they are out there to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, not to be yacking on the phone to mommy, or girlfriends etc.

It helps them hone their communication skills also, as they write once a week only, so they need to think carefully about what they write. =)

They have many rules while serving. No dating at all, young women are too be kept at 'arms length'. No movies. No television or radio. No swimming. No danger filled sports like dirt biking etc.

Some missions have other rules also depending on their areas in which they are serving. Their mission presidents pray about what needs to be, so the missionaries are kept safe.

If it sounds strict, it is. This is a time they dedicate to someone other than themselves, so selfish things are done away with during these 2 years (18 months for young women).

The time goes really quickly as this is our 3rd son we have sent out. It's a time of sacrifice, which always brings blessings.


Anonymous said...

make sure your son gives your home bishop a scripture and missionary looking picture so he can have a plaque.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about your son and his mission, especially about his mission from his perspective. My son is thinking about going on a mission but I want to hear more about how your son is doing so I can picture my son in a similar situation. Thank you, Jennifer Freeman