Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More photos of Jackson

Here are some more photos of the cutest grandbaby on the planet!!

HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! I can't wait to hug this little guy!!


shirleyb said...

Oh Bev! He's gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to cuddle him.

Laura said...

How sweet! I know you are so excited he is here!

Mimi said...

My fan is not working so I can just stay on line a short time. I just found out he has arrived. I am so happy for you. His pics made me cry they were so sweet. My grandfathers's middle name was Jackson a wonderful Godly man as was my uncle that was a Screaming eagle 101st airborn he died on VE day. So I dearly love the name. Enjoy!!

BeckyB said...

Hi Bev! I just saw your post on the forums. Congratulations!!! Jackson is SO adorable!! U must be such a proud grandma! It's too bad he lives so far, but I'm happy that you will be able to see him in Auguest! Imagine you must be SO excited!!! Roll on Auguest!
Becky (in iowa)

veloy said...

Bev, it's wonderful that you precious grandbaby is here and he is so cute.