Thursday, October 30, 2008

New hat pattern!

Ok- I am slowly getting there with the new pattern updates. Slowly being the key word here!

I am still working on finishing up the hat pattern that was my moms way back when. It's really simple pattern but takes a while, for me at least to finish making since it's for an adult at this point. I hope to have other sizes too.

Here is it 'raw'... when I get it totally finished up it will be posted on my website.

Grandma Liz's Hat
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2008- All Rights Reserved
Needles: Size US 5 and 6 (you can use larger needles for a larger hat but I wanted these to be a tighter weave, and to make it look just like the hat my mom made me.)
4 oz of worsted weight yarn
Size - older teen or woman

Using smaller needles: CO (cast on) 90 sts
Knit 4 1/2" of Ribbing in Knit 3, Purl 3

Switch to larger needles: and knit in 'double seed stitch' Knit 2, purl 2, for 4 1/2".

Now this is where the pattern ends because I don't have it finished yet!! Hopefully this will give you a place to get rolling though, and for you fast knitters, you will have to wait for me! All we need is the decrease rows. =) I'll take a photo soon too!


Also, I want to mention something. This blog is like my 'home on the web'. I want to feel free to express my beliefs, my opinions etc without having to explain my reasons for believing that way. Recently, I posted what I know to be true. I have prayed, I have researched, I have studied, I have received my answers whether or not they are popular with the world. I have now come under a bit of an attack for doing so.

This is my 'online home'.
And just as I would not allow someone to come into my real home and start arguing nastily, threatening, or slamming my beliefs or my faith, or verbally attacking my family or me, I have decided to not allow any negative comments on my blog, nor any comments I would need to explain my position on. (and yes, I know you are not supposed to end a sentence in the word ON...)

This blog is NOT a public forum up for debate. This is MY 'home', just as my website is and my physical house is. There are plenty of places where you can be questioning and debating, or be negative. There is enough negativity out there. You all know where I stand now, and if you don't agree... that's fine too.
I would hope you would not allow others to come into your homes and start slamming or questioning your moral values either.

I have stated what I believe morally and otherwise, and I stand by those beliefs 100%-- I have not been duped into believing them. I do not need to explain them to anyone or try to state why they are right. That is between me and my Heavenly Father and no one else.

With that said. Grab those knitting needles and let's get some of these warm hats made. There are people out there who are cold already and need one of these hats. :)

It's a new day, let's go out there and make a difference in this indifferent world we live in now.



Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you Bev, you do such wonderful work and you share everything with all of us, your loyal readers. Please don't let these kind of people get to you.

from flagstaff, az

Anonymous said...

There is an old saying "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything". Thank you for standing up for the truth!

Jo-Ann said...

Bev: I love your patterns. I'm currently making the new Guidepost sweater starting at the top. I'm using left over yarn and joining new colors on the right side, leaving a 1 inch tie. It's cute and a great sweater for a little one.

kadezmom said...


My blog is my safe place too. People are invited (tis open access...but ykwim) if they want a peek as to what's going on in my world.

Criticism. Get enough of that any time I open the door, answer the phone, etc. BAH! BEGONE!!!

ann said...

I've just discovered your blog... as a new knitter. I don't know what you had written that prompted people's criticisms but I was nodding my head as I also have a blog that when I wrote what I thought brought on much criticism. You worded it just perfectly. and I have to say Amen.
I don't know what prompts people, strangers even to be so free with their negativity and even cruel comments.
Enjoy your blog since I have discovered it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bev, Good for you! We don't have to all think the same, or go to the same church to have respect for one another. I'm not LDS, but have enjoyed your blog and site for quite a few years now. I respect how you care for people and show it in a tangible way. Being a decent human being is not limited to one set of beliefs!

Archangel_Baw said...

Nice to meet you Bev
I just want to say that my sister is an LDS and so is my oldest son, I am an ex-LDS myself, but I respect your beliefs and I LOVE your blog:) You have my love and support 100%. Blessings to you and your loved ones:)

I also wanted to thank you for posting the beautiful thumbless mittens with matching hat & scarf patterns. I'm fairly new at crocheting and I'm currently making your designs for my youngest son. They are perfect, Thank you so much.
Love and squishes xoxoxo
Tanahmera (aka Archangel)