Friday, April 15, 2011

The Fair Humanitarian Booth!

I have lots of photos from the Clark Cty Fair last week, but I will only post a few here, cos I have not had time to shrink them. Anyhow we had the humanitarian booth where we show lots of handmade items for various charities, usually LDS Humanitarian, and then local places in Vegas area.


A tribute to our friend Ruth Doxey who used to help with the booth and was my partner with 'Crafting Angels'. We miss you Ruth. ♥

This year I put patterns with the items you could make with those patterns. It's hard to see here, but it worked great.

We taught these 2 sweet girls to whip stitch granny squares together and they loved it! They wanted to do more and more and came back to help a couple of times.

Many of the granny squares that were donated by so many wonderful crocheters! Thanks!

Me, tying a quilt!

Some lovely ponchos donated to the booth. These will go to Volunteer Angels.

Newborn and preemie baby items. These are always popular for the fair goers to see. They are quite the conversation pieces, and always get crafters interested in helping hospitals near them. These items will go to Volunteer Angels as well.

Hug the ones you love!


Patty Ann said...

Oh, what a wonderful thing to do!

Julia aka Mersea said...

Thanks so much for showing us the pictures! It has given me ideas for things to make and for an art booth when I get back into the swing of things!

Anonymous said...

All for great causes. You are amazing!

Sherri said...

Looks good, Bev! Hey, I already forgot the website you told me about...could you e-mail it to me?


Anonymous said...

One of those sweet girls whip stitching squares together is my daughter; the other is her friend. It was a pleasure to meet Bev at the fair.