Monday, August 03, 2015

Fixing those never ending broken links!!

How many of you have actual websites or blogs that you create using HTML?  So you know how much maintenance they take to keep them current. 

Well, I have been updating my amazon links to their new format for weeks, and finally got all those ads on, changed! All 154 pages of them!  Praying they don't pull that nasty again!  

Now back to working on fixing or removing the broken links on my site. I think on my 912+ page website there are 1 million or so! Well, I am exaggerating but it feels like it!

My daughter Patti told me about so that's what I am using to find out easily which ones don't work anymore. 

Now, if only you could click on a button and remove all the broken links... but nope, I have to open every page one at a time, and then remove the HTML for each broken link, or change it if I can find an archived version. 

I have heard that it make 'google' like your pages much better, and your readers are more likely to come and stay, or come back over and over, if the links work, (makes perfect sense). That way perhaps more people will click on the ads they like or are interested in, and just maybe, I will make enough money to keep my site online, AND be able to pay our household bills and that's a big YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!! 

So off I go to work on those links and one of these days, I will figure out a new format so that my site is mobile device friendlier.  Google ads is telling me my site needs work in that area.

I wish they knew that I am heading on the fast track to 60 years old, learned HTML over a decade ago when I was working for the Osmonds, and now there is no one to train me in updated formats and I am the only person who maintains all 912+ pages.  :)  

Oh yes, and I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago!  Love the easy care it takes!

So I will go work on my website, and you go hug the ones you love!!


Lee Ann said...

Hi, Bev! I never knew what you looked like and I'm glad you posted your picture. :)
I agree, when I had my other website, broken links were always a major hassle. Now I only have my blog site, facebook page and Ravelry page.
I have been coming to your website and referring people to your website for years now. I love your website; keep up the good work! :)

bevq said...

Thanks Lee Ann! I appreciate your coming to my site for so long and for telling others !:)

That photo of me is a bit well.... weird, cos I am not good at selfies with an IPAD! LOL!! But it makes me look thinner so... hey, good angle!

Ginny Harrison said...

Hi there I just wanted to ask the question have you ever thought of making the pattern for your Angel Wings pinafore in different sizes? I think your little pinafore is the most popular item I've ever seen in my looking for patterns. I would love to see it in 6 month all the up to toddler. I would make one every year for my grand daughter. I see where people adjust the size by increasing the hook size and thicker yarn, but it's the same. Are you ever going to make the pattern in bigger sizes?

bevq said...

Hi Ginny,
That pattern is NOT one of mine. It's just a guest designers who asked me to put it on my site years ago. However someone on Ravelry came up with a 2T version of it if that helps: You can find it here:


Sandie said...

Thanks for the tip about fixing broken links. I used it tonight and it was a great help.

bevq said...

You're very welcome! Still working on my on my website! Over 900 pages - started out with almost 700 broken links & I am down to about 300! It's getting there! Bev

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Amy Korinke said...

Do you have a picture of the adult chemo hat. Kind of hard to decide whether or not to make when you don't know what It is going to turn out to be. And do you have other chemo hat patterns?

bevq said...

Hi Amy,
I'm not certain which adult chemo cap you are referring to. If it's a link from my site to another website, I have no control over what they have posted or not. If it is MY pattern or on MY website, then please post a link and I will see about getting a photo to post.

My pattern are NOT normally on this blog, they are on my actual website and here is my chemo caps page

Thanks for reading my blog and for posting a good question. :)

Lori said...

I just copied your minion hat pattern. I downloaded one yesterday, but I did not like it because it only had one eye. I like the two eyed minions. I have gotten a couple of your patterns and I made some of them. I enjoy knitting and crocheting very much. I make my things that I sell at local craft fairs. I have a few patterns that are my own design. If you would like I can forward them to you. Just contact me by my email address. Thanks.