Sunday, December 03, 2006

Good thoughts

Good morning!
This Sabbath Day is absolutely gorgeous out. The sun is shining and temps are in the 60's here, and the wind finally died down. Could not be better for going to Church to worship our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. My husband just got home and will be here till tomorrow afternoon, so that's wonderful too.

Yesterday I got a sad phone call, well sad for me, my dear friend Yerda died yesterday morning of an infection. You may remember Yerda... she crocheted such pretty edges around our blankets Grandma Bingham stitches together. I loved her dearly and she will be very much missed. I think today or tomorrow is her 93rd birthday. I am sure she is so happy to see her much loved husband again as she has been without him for many years now. Death, in that sense, can be such great joy. I am sure she was received with open arms and hugs by many who have gone on before.

I shed my tears yesterday for her and today I rejoice with her... so thankful I got to hug her once last time at our November Crafting Angels

You can see this lovely lady here at the far end of the table, wearing a pink jacket- she was stitching together booties for newborns.

You are loved on both sides of the veil Yerda and I hope I can become as sweet and dear as you are!!

Just wanted you to know I made a little change to my men's slipper pattern posting-- I added that around the heel/foot hole you should crochet 32 dcs.... any more and it will be too large.


Hope all have a wonderful, spiritual day today. May you be uplifted by the love our Savior and His Father feel for you.

Hug the ones you love!!


Holly Burnham said...

I'm so sorry you lost such a dear friend......

Nancy Overland said...

Dearest Grandma Yerda,
May you be blessed as you are welcomed into our Benevolent Father's arms and may we remember you with love and fondness and continue your work well into the future. We love you!

Petpig said...

Yerda reminds me of my Grandmother, I lost her on my 16th Birthday. I would like to think if she were still around, that she would have been alot like Yerda. I am sure everyone who knew Yerda was very blessed.