Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knitted slippers for LDS Humanitarian!!

Last night my kids, hubby and I went to see Spiderman 3 at the local theatre. It was incredibly fast paced in parts, and slow in others, but the message at the end was FABULOUS!! Thank you to whoever wrote that script!

Well, I have a really hard time sitting still and not doing something, so I brought along some tan yarn, and some knitting needles. What resulted was a pair of little slipper-clogs for me to give to LDS Humanitarian. (updated 10-18-12)  LDS Humanitarian no longer accepts handmade itens.  They are encouraging us to donate locally to our hospitals, nursing homes, shelters).

They were so easy, I made them in the dark of the theatre and am so happy to share this simple pattern with all of you who love to knit. You could also crochet them with an H hook-- basically crochet a square, decrease by half and half again the last 2 rows. Finish as directed for the knitted ones.
Bev's Knitted Slipper Clogs
Beverly A. Qualheim 2007 (C)
(3.5" tall, and 6.5" long) They will stretch too
Size 10 knitting needles
1 - 2 oz Caron Wintuk yarn or other 4 ply worsted weight yarn
yarn needle

Cast on 26 sts (30 for larger kids)
Knit 36 rows (44)
Then knit 2 sts together across next 2 rows
You should have 6 sts left
Cut 10" yarn tail, thread onto yarn needle.
Gently remove the 6 remaining sts from the knitting needle and pull to gather.
Fold slipper in half and stitch seams together about half way down towards heel, leaving enough room for foot to fit in opening. Back stitch 4 sts and cut yarn.
Now stitch heel seam shut, back stitch 4 sts and cut yarn.


These are great stash busters too! They don't take very much yarn and they are so easy, warm and needed. I wonder how many we can collectively make? If you want to make them for your favorite charities, that would be terrific.
Please email me via this BLOG if you want to join in this little challenge, and let's warm some feet this winter!


EDITED: 10-18-12


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I will make slippers for your challenge. Some will be crochet and some knitted if that is ok. I have 3 pr knitted but they are not sewn yet,seems to be a sticking point with me.

Bernice in NW FL

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev I will be making some slippers also, I will promise to send some as soon as I get a box full Nelda

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
My dh took me out for dinner and a movie this weekend and I picked Spiderman 3. It was awesome. One can't hope but pick up on the 'lesson.' Thanks for posting about it.

Hill AFB, UT

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, Just got through reading your whole blog. Delightful and beautiful wedding photos. You can count me in on the slipper challenge as I love challenges.
South Elgin,Il

MaryMGlynn said...

Bev these are precious booties! So adorable! Did you make this pattern? I hope you post it lol I always view your site first when needing a preeie pattern! Love you Mary

Sandy said...

These look similar to the pattern I thought I'd come across some time back on your blog, but...I think the others were knitted the other direction from memory?

Can't believe you knit in a dark theater. I get grief when I knit in front of the tv, or tailgating. People just don't get it.


the pattern I thought I remembered (thought I'd printed it at some point, but...hum where did I put it), had sizes listed from young children to adult men?

bevq said...

WOW- this is an old post! LDS Humanitarian no longer wants slippers but I know your local shelters would welcome them.

Sandy... Were you looking for maybe Aunt Maggies slippers?


Not sure why anyone would object to you knitting at home or in public. Weird. Does it really matter if they do object? We are only on this planet a short time, and if we spend our time making things to help others, we are spending our life in a good way. Bev

Kate in Canada said...

This is the easiest pattern that I've found for kids slippers.Thank you for sharing it.Keep up the great work!