Saturday, March 24, 2007

"In Him Was Life"

Last night my hubby, and 2 daughters went to St George, Utah to see our friend Bruce Newbold performing his one-man dramatization of the life of Christ. It is so beautiful and touching. This was a fund-raiser for the Methodist Church there and they had a lovely choir who sang for the opening and closing of the performance.

Their love of the Lord Jesus Christ was so obvious as they sang His praises.

Bruce does a brilliant job portraying the Savior and those associated with Him while He walked this earth in mortality. His text is from all 4 Gospels and it is something you HAVE to see if you ever get the opportunity. I have been blessed to have seen it twice now, and it still isn't enough.

Brother Newbold has a CD of the performance you can buy though and I often listen to mine to remind me of the all the beauty of the Gospel text and to bring back those feelings of love for my Savior. I really recommend the CD to all. There is a website called Envision Entertainment online where you can buy Bruce's CDs there.

I've been out gardening early this morning, weeding a bit, and so forth. Our yard is a jungle of nasty, prickly weeds right now. I need to get out and do some more later- before it's hot again!

I am also working on my book today. I REALLY need to come up with some new, original patterns for it. There are about 4 patterns in there right now, that are not part of my website or blog. My problem is, that I always want to share my patterns with people immediately! It's hard not to, but I don't really want a review on Amazon someday that says, 'Waste of money-- all the patterns were on her site for free already!!" Course there is a ton more to that book that just patterns but still. People like to criticise!

Well, I saw a lady setting up a yard sale as I went walking early this AM, and I am going to walk back there to see if there are any goodies =)

Hug the ones you love


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev!
Is that your hubby with you in the pic or your friend Bruce?
You're looking thinner than the last pict I've seen (Mopa Valley Angels?).
Did you find anything worthwhile at the yardsale?
Keep up the great work you do!
I tell you, you should schedule a "Beverly Qualheim" tour and include Argentina, because I speak about you, the things you do and the website all the time. Too bad it's only in English...? If you want to "extend your horizons" sister, you can count on me to translate some of "your" patterns into Spanish! Would love to be of help!

bevq said...

Hi Monica! How are you honey?!!
The man in the photo is Bruce Newbold, but I need to have one of the kids take a photo of Mike and I and I will post it.

Yardsales? Yup - a skirt and a dear lady gave me a bag of loved dollies that need some TLC for our Crafting Angels "Dress a dolly Day' coming up. In Sept we are going to have a Doll Hospital day-- fix their hair, clothes etc, and the 'new' dolls will go to LDS Humanitarian.

A Bev Qualheim tour... hm... Perhaps my son Tim will be sent there on his mission instead? =)

As for patterns in Spanish! Are you serious, you would really do that for me? I would be SO grateful!

Maybe just some of my most popular baby patterns like my booties? Hats? I will let you decide.