Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Saturday!!

Good morning!
I took my dogs out for their morning walk as the sun was rising-- 6:30 now! came home and started laundry-- have hung out a load on the lines already! Love line dried laundry. Hmmm-- that wonderful smell. Looked at my little garden and it is growing nicely. My lavender looks and smells so good! Veggies are growing. What a blessing from Heavenly Father to have a place to grow some things and the water to do so.

I also noticed my next door neighbor having a yard sale so I walked over there, and got some beautiful clothes for my grandson-2-be! My neighbor dresses her 2 little ones so cute, and her clothes are immaculately taken care of. Such cute stuff.

There is another sale down the road so I might walk over there too and check that out.

I also need to clean the fridge today, and vacuum and clean the carpet in my son's room so it is ready for my son Shaun and his wife Joanna, to come visit for Easter. I am so excited all my kids will be home, well, except Timmy but he could not be anywhere better than on his mission.

On my mind today... LDS Women's Conference.... can't wait to go to that again and to stay with my friends Kim and Paula---we get to stay in Paula's RV right on the campus at BYU! It's wonderful. And my daughter Patti and I will be coming with me, so ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!! =)

Also, on my mind... finishing crocheting around a hemstitched burp cloth for little William and starting some more booties for LDS Humanitarian. I will be bringing a bunch of things up there to hand to them as I do each year.

Oh yes, and the Clark County Fair!! That is coming up and I need to recruit a couple more helpers with setting up the Humanitarian booth and sitting there during the fair. I will like be sitting there most of the time, so please come and say hello if you happen to be going this year. We will be in the Fine Arts Building over to the left as you come in the fair-side doors.

I have received some lovely things to put on display! Thank you to all who sent things! I need to get some signs made for the different areas, and we will have a quilt set up to tie.

Have a wonderful day!


Melanie said...

Hi Bev, my name is Melanie Summers. I stumbled across your blog and love to crochet, espcially things for DI sort center. I just started loom knitting and was wondering if you could help me? I can't figure out how to e-wrap the loom and knit back when you are only using some of the pegs and not making a complete circle. Anyway, I was hoping you could help. Any tips would be appreciated. If your son is anything like you - he will be an awesome missionary Ü

bevq said...

Hi Melanie
I hope you see this - I have loom knitting hot-tos on this page

There are patterns on there for dishcloths etc, and that is likely where you would see e-wrapping back and forth.


Anonymous said...

Bev - On your preemie page of free patterns, you have a link for a crocheted Preemie Snuggle Cap on Critter Design. The site is no longer available. Do you have the pattern that you could post or email to me. I have made them for the neonatal units at both Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville and Cook's Childrens Hospital in Dallas. I would really like to make more to send. My email address is if you could email me the pattern.

Many thanks.

Kathy Clem

bevq said...

Hi Kathy
I checked and it says it hasn't been a website since last year so I found the archived copy and updated


Sandy said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile, so thought I'd poke my head and see what you were up to. I'm soooooooo jealous! You have sun, you have things growing....The snow in my yard just finished melting yesterday, though the folks on the opposite side of the street still have snow. We're on the sunny side! Every little bit helps.

Sounds like you've got a special Easter coming up with family, how nice. Enjoy!

I did manage to get some cleaning done yesterday; but didn't get the list complete. Kept having to sit down and take a break. Still light headed from the flu?allergy whatever it is I'm getting over.

Pop in for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

Melanie said...

Hey Bev
Thanks for the help. I found what I needed and have started my project. Hopefully, I will have my flag afhan done before too long. Thanks a lot!