Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Socks? really??? You knit your own socks?

Yes, I do knit my winter socks-- not my summer ones, as it's just too warm here in the desert for hand-knitted socks in the summer!

A few people have asked me for the pattern I use, so I am in the process of typing that up and this one since it's taken me years to perfect, will be in my Craftsy and Etsy shops soon!

I decided that since it's socks and they make marvelous presents that I will include one of my sheets of 'wrappers' to place on each pair that you make to give away.  Makes them super sweet.

The pattern is for one size-- Ladies-- and yes, I know ladies have a big variety of foot sizes.   I wear a size 10 and the size I knit fits my daughter who wears a size 8 and me.  They just stretch or shrink back!  They really are just wonderful! 
You can also take away or add a few rows before making the toes and adjust them that way too. 

At one time I had the pattern all typed up and ready to publish and my computer died. :( Thankfully I had already printed it out, unfortunately all the wonderful photos I took of various stages of knitting were lost.  I am making another pair and will eventually take more photos for it though.

I know lots of people choke at the thought of using 4 needles to knit and I used to as well, but no longer!  They aren't that bad, in fact, with a little practice they are super!  No more seams!

The great thing about knitting socks is that you can make them as tall or short as you'd like!  I like taller socks in the winter so I don't get cold legs, you know? 

Well, I will let you know when this pattern, and the cute gift wraps, are ready for purchase, meanwhile you will need 4 double pointed size 3 US knitting needles, and about 50 grams of sock yarn-- available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and online too at etc.

(UPDATE!  Here it is! )

Till next time!
Hug the ones you love!


Anonymous said...

I just may try these....when the Christmas scurry slows down!
Thank you.

bevq said...

Still haven't finished typing this up! So much got in the way-- computer crash, new computer-lost older data, lost my written pattern... still haven't found it. Sorry, I will work on getting these done and typed up in the new year. Bev