Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A bit on thieves!

Sorry this is not too uplifting today, I promise I will be better tomorrow. But I need to get this off my chest.
Yesterday, a couple of other website designers who have free patterns on their sites, emailed me to let me know of a foreign website who not only was stealing our patterns, but also stealing our bandwidth we have to pay for!

It looks like an Arabic website so we have no legal recourse in the USA... at least not any I can afford. =(
They were copying and pasting OUR PATTERNS to their site, and then they didn't save the photos, nope, they linked right into our directories and stole bandwidth so the photos would show up! That costs US MONEY!

They not only stole one of my patterns, my pumkin hat, but several from women who had asked me to house their patterns on my site! Every time someone was going to their dispicable page, it was costing ME money.
Sorry I am a bit frazzled over this.

I have spent the last hour and a half searching through their patterns, finding the ones they stole from my site, changing all the names of the graphics, deleting the old photos, redoing them on MY pages and resending everything to my server.
Can I just scream please? One little one!

Good thing I went to the Temple this morning, or I would be wilder than I am trying to fix all this.

Several website owners, including me, wrote to these people, only to have them block our emails and ignore us!

They refuse to remove the patterns apparently. Well if nothing else, their photos from my site are not showing up now.
Most of us are now talking about have a subscription/log in ONLY based pattern pages to prevent this in the future. I cannot afford to pay for someone else to benefit from all my hard work.

I totally depend on people coming TO my site for patterns, so they will see Google ads that interest them and click on those, or they will buy yarn and books and such from the Affiliate programs I have on my pages. It's the only way I can keep up with expenses.

Well, I feel better just spouting off a bit about that annoying site, and if you ever catch ANYONE on the web using my patterns, especially with my photos, please let me know. In American people usually just tell me they didn't know they could not do that, (even though it clearly states on every pattern you can't!) and they will remove them or provide a link to my site, but foreign countries could care less about our laws... it's a frustrating issue.


On a brighter note, and you knew there had to be one somewhere in there =) I did it!

I actually finished my Charity Challenge goal today and just completed my 300th item for charity this year. WOO HOO!!

It's a little newborn loomed, reversible, Christmas hat.
I did 15 rows in red and white held together, then 11 rows of 2 strands of white, and 15 rows of green and white held together. It's so cute!
It's the first of several I want to do for UMC- for some Christmas kits we are going to put together in November. I want to do some in Hanuklah colors too, which I am pretty sure are blue and white.

Correct me if I am wrong there, anyone. I want to do this right.
I will try and post some photos tomorrow, as they are all on my camera right now. I tried posting one yesterday and blogger would not let me, even a tiny image would not download... it kept spinning around and around. Maybe someone else with blogger knows how to fix that?? =)



Marie in Michigan said...

Bev, I was sick when I went to that other site yesterday and saw all of those patterns that had been stolen. Is there anything I can do (they haven't blocked my email yet)? I am willing to write to them. I love all of your patterns and use them for my charity work. God bless you.
Marie in Michigan

bevq said...

My thoughts are that there is nothing anyone can do. The people who would steal patterns AND bandwidth like that could care less about anyone or anything! Removing all the photos by changing the names of them on our sites, will help till they figure out what we have done.

Meanwhile, I am looking into blocking images on my site. And others are now making their websites by subscription or membership ONLY so no one can steal from them.

It's all part of being online and having a free website really-- this is not the first time it's happened to me or others.

Thankfully, someday they WILL have to answer to God for stealing.


Jeannette said...

Once I came across someone whose pictures changed into something ugly or obscene when they were stolen. I don't know how they did it but within a certian amount of hours it happened. Have you ever heard of this.
I'm so glad Bev that you have been so giving with your site. I'm sorry that people would take advantage of you in this way.

Lulu said...

wow, i cant beleive how devious some people are..
love the hats Bev..

Anonymous said...

Do you know what I did when bandwidth stealers did this to me? I took an image I WANTED their viewers to see, named it the same as the stolen image, and changed the stolen image's name.

Now it says Thou Shalt Not Steal on their website.

It would be funnier if you had a picture of a totally horribly knit item, as if it were the desired result of the stolen pattern. Four-legged baby pants? Knit hat with udders?