Friday, February 16, 2007

Relay for life-- Chemo Caps

My daughter Katie and I went to the Team leaders meeting last night in Overton, for 'RELAY FOR LIFE' and got our paperwork and such. It's going to be a ton of hard work finding people to be on our team, to sell Luminaries, to raise funds, even for me to sleep there overnight--my body isn't real good about camping anymore. But it's only one night and for a good reason.

We are doing a theme of 'FARM FUN' or something like that since we are the "Qualheim FARMERS INSURANCE TEAM". =)

We will have fundraising games
* Facepainting
* maybe a farmyard bean bag toss
* baked goods sale
* Chemo caps for sleeping
* pink ribbon pins for sale
* contest to guess how many candies are in a jar

At the meeting they were talking about what we would set up for fun things to do, and I mentioned an odd idea to do at our Campsite - teaching people to loom knit and so many people were excited I was shocked. They all wanted to learn! They told me I could sell the looms or ask for a donation to learn to loom knit. I figure we can sit on Hay Bales to do this.

We will make Chemo Night Caps. (see photo) I am looming them as follows, as they need to be
slightly 'airy' so not too hot to wear at night, but something to keep their heads cozy

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Copyright 2007 Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved - Do not copy to other blogs or in emails, or websites.

The hat I made fits me perfectly, and it measures 9.5" tall. That includes the roll up which only rolled a couple of rows.
It measures 8.5" across the front of the bottom of the hat.

Use ITA Red loom 36 pegs (3/4" apart) or Red KK Loom 36 pegs (3/4" apart)
2 strands pink Simply Soft Yarn (2 oz or so)
(or any color you wish as long as you keep the white rows in there at the top)

E-Wrap loom 2 times around, lift one e-wrap over one e-wrap. (this is a single stitch)
There is NO brim on this hat. Just knit, and it will naturally roll up a little.

Knit 20 rows in pink, change to white (white is to represent the Angels watching over them at night)
knit 5 rows in white.
Change back to pink and knit 3 more rows.
Gather, remove.

You can also make these for kids using the 31 peg looms
(3/4" apart).
Make them 8" tall

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~

If any of you would like to help make these, and they could be in any colors really (although I really would like that 5 rows of white in there at the top since thatis the 'angels' watching over the wearer), please do. =) I am hoping to sell them, along with the pink ribbon pins and other items that night (our walk is the 20, 21 April so I need all donations by April 10th)

We are supposed to sell starting now till the day of the walk too! =)
(Please include your email address in the package so I can thank you.)

My mailing addy is
Bev Qualheim
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021

EDIT--- please do not mail more of these hats to me, as this was a one-time event, but thanks to all who participated!!!

Also, there is a poem tag you can attach to these hats



Bag said...

Hi Bev
Which loom should I use for this. These are the ones I own.

round knifty knitter set
long knifty knitter set
small guage DALoom AJAL

Let me know and i will try to get some out to you for this worthy cause

bevq said...

You can use
Child sized ITA Green loom 36 pegs (3/4" apart) or Red KK Loom with 36 pegs.

Also we need some children's hats like this about 8" tall
use the Green KK loom 31 pegs for those.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev:

Is Simply Soft the only yarn that can be used? Are we allowed to add embellishments to the hats? For instance, could I add a flower as long as I follow the directions to keep the 5 rows of white?

Also, if you click on your link to the breast cancer site and then click the link to your site, it is a dead end. I just thought I'd let you know.



bevq said...

I would prefer Simply Soft or some other extremely soft yarn, yes. I thought about embellishments too, except that these will be worn to sleep in.

I felt that any flowers or anything would be felt through the hats and would be uncomfortable, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev!
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful this idea is. I will be trying to get some made and out to you soon. In regards to any embellishments, as a person that has had to wear a similar cap when I had my head shaved for brain surgery, I agree that, although pretty, they may be uncomfortable.
Thank you for the wonderful things you do!

Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bev!

I love your idea to provide Chemo hats for those in need, but don't know if you are still currently collecting them or if there is some other organization that collects and disburses them. I live relatively close to Tucson, Arizona. I will be happy to make and donate some angel hats if I know what to do with them afterwards. Thanks, Becky

bevq said...

Hi BEcky
I am no longer collecting them as that was a one time thing last year. However, you may want to join the BEANIE BRIGADE as they collect them year round for various hospitals, chemo centers, Raonald McDonald houses etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev
Just a couple of quick questions. First, may I use this pattern to make caps for the chemo patients at my local hospital? And won't the 36 peg loom be too small for adult caps? I made a hat with the yellow knifty knitter loom and he has cancer and he said it was too tight and hurt his head...does it depend on the yarn or the tightness of the knitting?


bevq said...

Yes, the 32 peg loom is likely too small for most adults. You would need to go a size larger for adults. I don't know how big the yellow KK loom is as I don't own one. But get the largest size I guess to make for adults that big.

Yes, you can make these for hospitals, definitely do.


Anonymous said...

What a kind and thoughtful gift for someone fighting cancer. I am going through chemo for the 5th time now! I received a donated chemo knit hat the first time, and was so thankful! I wore one at night to keep my head warm, and a different one during the day. I tried a wig on but it was uncomfortable and I couldn't afford it anyway. Soft ones are really nice for sleeping. But other pretty ones are nice during the day, including lightweight cotton for summer months, and one adorned with flowers would be nice too.

Foberswife said...

My sister in law just asked me to be on her Relay for Life team. We were thinking of things to do. Would you mind if I used your pattern to make hats to sell at our booth...all proceeds would go to Relay. My yarn purchases would be out of my own pocket (I've had yarn donated to me by friends)

I love the pink with white circle.

bevq said...

Definitely! Fell free to use to this pattern to make hats to sell at the Relay!

That's what this pattern is for, although I appreciate your asking because most of my patterns are not to be made to sell. I need to include that info on my Bev's Country Cottage website too. Any of my patterns on my site for 'pink' items may be made and sold to raise money for Relay for Life.


Foberswife said...

Thanks...I'm going to start working on them tomorrow so I can have a few to have at the Relay. Our Relay is May 8-9th but I'll be there all night so can work on them when I'm not walking or napping.

Looking forward to checking out more of your site. I really find looming relaxing and stress relieving.

Unknown said...

Is there a poem that goes along with these hats?

bevq said...

There is-- You can find that here:

Anonymous said...

As a Chemo survivor I want to thank everyone that made hats. They are a gift that is appreciated everyday when you are in chemo, not just for the visuak aspect but for the fact that someone that does not know you is giving you something to make your life better.
Fight like a girl.

sewknit said...

Being so lucky to dodge ,having to have chemo, I would love to make, some of these hats ,up for those lady's who do need it.

may I copy this pattern please, as I live in the uk ?
they would be given in , to the oncology center ,where I am having radiotherapy .many thanks Sandra

bevq said...

Hi Sewknit
Anyone is welcome to print out this pattern to use. You appear to have a blog also. You may LINK to this pattern, but not directly copy and paste the entire pattern.

To find even more chemo patterns there are a bunch on my website here:

Best wishes,

Joan said...

Beautiful hat! My neighbor is going through chemo now and I was looking for a good hat pattern for the knifty knitter.

Thanks for sharing.