Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Sabbath Day to everyone!

Good morning everyone!
I went out for my morning walk with Boots our dog, (1/2 poodle 1/2 shih tzu) and watched the sunrise come up over the mountains here in Logandale. It is just so breathtakingly beautiful here at sunrise and sunset-- and I love early mornings.

I have ward choir practice at 9 this morning, and then back home for a few hours before our ward meets at 1 pm.

I need to type up a little list of things we need for
CRAFTING ANGELS before I go at 1 too... hoping to get some donations for the newborn kits, because I sure cannot make that many hats, and shirts--and I am not about to try making soap before the 21st! LOL My specialty is actually booties, but we have plenty of those on hand thanks to some generous crafters across the country who sent them for last month when we put together - I think it was 42 kits maybe? My friend Bobbi and I delivered those a few weeks ago on the way to the Vegas Temple to go do a session.

This week I need to get a blanket mailed to my friends in Denmark who just adopted a newborn baby girl, so I need to get that boxed up and ready to mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Somehow I also need to keep on my kids about keeping the house clean, as it is on the market to sell. Long story... basically my husband's 'superiors' decided to yank him out of this store, and put him in another store 200 miles north of here, with no time to sell the house - no time to do anything. Happy... we are not...

Not a thing we can do about it. Mike had his last day at the Lin's market here yesterday. People were crying, and hugging him. He is a much loved member of this community, and I really think corporate is making a HUGE mistake but that's their problem, and not ours anymore. Mike will do his best no matter what and keep smiling. :)

Back to charity crafting!

Winter will soon be upon us, after a scorching summer to say the least, and kids will need warm mittens. I have just the pattern for beginners, for advanced crocheters, for anyone!

They are really easy to make I promise, and so needed in the winter months. There are links to click on for other patterns like a hat that matches, or a set you can make for preschoolers. You may want to check with your local daycare centers to see if they could use a bunch for the kids... now is the time to make them too.

Well, I'd better go get ready for choir. I have having a bit too much fun writing on this blog! Please tell your friends about it too, as I am really into holidays and might just have to post some recipes and such for those too.



melanie moffitt said...

hi bev, i love your blog, i noticed the crocheted mittens that you made i also make the same ones and have been since the 70's i do have a hat pattern that matches these mittens if you need one, i will type it to you as i don;t have a scanner or camera. the only thing i do different on my mittens is i use a size G hook and i also altered the pattern for an infant and a mans extra large.
melanie moffitt

Mimi said...

Click..... your on my fav. list :) Will scoot over every time I am on. Have been a fan for years and you have motivated me to donate more. Your patterns are my fav.

liz p said...

Hi Bev,glad you decided to do a blog. I love reading blogs!! I have some hats/booties that I can send along with my grandma B squares.

Liz P

karen said...

This is very exciting! Welcome to blogland.
Ill be looking forward to your daily posts and crochet items.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev and thanks for starting this blog and please continue to share what you would like to receive in the way of (Blessings) for those you help and posting the patterns right there to click on and start in, I chose Anonymous because I didnt now what to check but I am Nelda Wooden

Anonymous said...

Love your blog but wanted to correct an error. The Sabbath Day is on Saturday not Sunday. I don't understand why so many religions ignore this fact but so many do. The Bible tells us the last day of the week is the Sabbath and that is a Saturday.