Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick post this morning

Good morning!
I just wanted to sign in fast here, as I am waiting for my ride to the Vegas Temple. But I will update properly later and more more.

Yesterday, I finished a hat I have been working on for over a year... it's for me to wear when it cools down but isn't COLD, you know. An in between hat. I did it on circular needles and I hope to get the pattern posted on here or on my site (to link to from here) later today. It turned out really nice.

It's been so long I can't remember the brand of yarn any more but it could be made in any yarn really. Extremely basic stuff!

Talk to you later today. :)

Bev's Country Cottage

I'm back!
This is one of my sunset photos taken back in June on Mormon Mesa here in Logandale. We have the most gorgeous sunsets here in the desert! None lovelier anywhere. The colors are just breathtaking. Our ward had a Dutch Oven cookout there on the Mesa - and yes, that's really the name. Brigham Young sent people here to populate this valley many, many years ago, and while some could not take the harsh conditions, many stayed.

I still have not posted any of the photos - so you are the first to see this one. =)

Well, today went fine. My friend Bobbi, Kathy and I went to the Vegas Temple and did the 10 am session there. Then we went to Taco Bell for lunch, and to the gov't center for Bobbi to file some dust permits for her business 'dust permit express'. I only got one newborn hat made in the car, but one is one! =) 'Tis all good!

Needless to say, I didn't get the rows counted on the hat I made, or number of stitches, but I will do that when I can and get that pattern all typed up for you too.

It is incredibly windy here tonight and actually raining a bit! Hasn't rained here in a WHILE! We need it. I want to get out and plant a few more collard greens or something to eat in the coming months before it freezes at night. I wish I had more zucchini seeds as we are all zucchini fans! But we will plant and eat what we have.

Well, it's time to say goodnight to all! Tomorrow is a busy day for me, with adult religion in the morning, and ward missionary meeting in the evening, but I should have some time in between to post a bit on here.

Take care till next time.
Bev's Country Cottage Preemies patterns

PS. Since some are wondering, YES, if you click on the google-ads here on my BLOG I do receive pay from that too, just as I do on my website.

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