Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We have a new puppy!

HELLO!! Welcome to 'Cookie'

Hi everyone! Meet 'Cookie Qualheim'!
Today has been a busy day! I went to the Vegas Temple this morning then home to get kids from school, and there was a phone call for me on the answering machine. Our puppy was ready to go to her new home! She is a pure bred Shih-Tzu, minus papers, which is fine with me, we are not going to breed her anyhow. She is just to love! =)

One of Mike's co-workers dog was having puppies and Mike sort of surprised us and let her know we would like a little female if there was one. Mama had 2 boys and 2 girls so we got to choose which female we would like. She is so adorable. We have only had her in our home for a few hours and we adore her already. I even took some photos of her. The girls named her Cookie...

She took a nice long nap and pottied outside twice already! Good puppy! Our dog Boots is sure curious about her and we are trying to get them used to one another. You can see Boots head at the bottom of this photo.

I did manage to get one newborn shirt-vest made in the car on the way to Vegas this morning... green Simply Soft with fuzzy soft pink Wendy's yarn trim. Turned out CUTE! One of my neighbors brought over a bag with brand new sleepers, and onesies for newborn boys for Crafting Angels next week. We are putting together some mini-kits for UMC as we don't have any blankets but we have about 70 of other items--booties, hats, burpcloths, onesies, shirts etc. and soap. So they will at least have those items.

Well, time to get back to making pink and purple little shirt-vests.

Take care everyone!


Baby patterns


LadyM said...

She's so *cute* !!!!
Congrat's on your new "baby< *Cookie*....:)

Arlene said...

Hi Bev!

Your new puppy is adorable! She's so lucky to be a member of your family. ;o)

Marilyn said...

I am longing for a baby ShihTsu after we move. Your little Cookie is surely a charmer and I cannot wait to see more pictures of her. Give her a hug for me please.

Lulu said...

she is adorable Bev!!! I have a shih tzu and love her so much..
they are great doggies..
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You lucky thing she is beautiful

Anonymous said...

What a cute puppy. Hope you keep us posted with new pictures of her

Anonymous said...


"Cookie" is so sweet looking in the photos. Your comments about her breed remind me about my dog "Muppet". She is a pure breed "without papers". "Muppet has been loved for the last 8 and a half years and counting. You & family enjoy "Cookie". Lisa M.

Petpig said...

I made the pattern of the Newborn shirt/vest. May I suggest sleeves?
I just followed the general pattern and went around the short sleeve with dc. Just a suggestion. Beth

bevq said...

Here is my pattern for that. =)