Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogging along....

For some odd reason, as I opened my blog this morning, that Disney Song came into my head and I started singing "Blogging along, blogging along, at that bottom of the beautiful briney sea!"

Yeah- I know, everything is a song to me. :)

Only 2 more days till my baby turns 12 years old!!! AHHHH - She went out to her first Young Women's activity last night, and it was so strange. This year has held many firsts for me. First time I have not had any children in Elementary school for 21 years and now first time none of my children are in Primary for 24 years if you count nursery.

And I have a son who is married.... heck I could be a grandma in the next couple of years. Now that I am ready for. =)

And for those of you who already are grannies.... or want to make some to warm a baby here is a fun pattern to knit.... (sorry it's kind of a lousy pic. I need to make more and take a better photo)

Bev's Stay On Knit Booties - newborn sized
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim - 2003 - all rights reserved
Bev's Stay On Booties
Finished Bootie Foot length = 3.25" Height of bootie back before folding down a cuff = 3"
The garter stitched part BEFORE folding in half to stitch up, is about 3.5"

Less than 1 oz soft 4 ply worsted weight yarn
Size 6 needles, use size 8 needles for slightly larger booties
Cast on 32 sts
Row 1-16: Knit each row
Row 17: Bind off 6 sts at beginning of row. Knit across.
Row 18: Bind off 6 sts at beginning of row. Purl across. (20 sts left)
Row 19: Knit across row.
Row 20: Purl across row.
Rows 21 thru Row 30: Repeat Rows 19 and 20
Row 31: K2 together across row. (10 sts left)
Row 32: P2 tog across row. (5 sts left)
Cut a yarn tail about 12" long, thread it onto yarn needle and weave it through the last 5 sts. Remove from needle and pull tightly to form toe.

Fold bootie in half and stitch up the foot and then up to top of Bootie, back stitch 3 sts to secure. Cut yarn.
Start yarn up again on other side of bootie and secure the yarn tail, stitch all the way down the other side, and secure with 3 back stitches. Fold the top 1/2" or so down when finished. Now knit another one!

The weather has definitely cooled down here in the desert-- it was only 52 F this morning. I really should take these doggies out for a walk too, as I rarely have time to do that anymore and it is showing on my backside! I did see a special bag you can hook to your belt loop and put your knitting in it so you can knit as you walk along... I bet i could make one of those really easily... knitting, controling 2 dogs, listening to my cd player... hmmmm



Joyce said...

Hi, Bev, I want to thank you for your website and blog. I recently discovered your blog, and it's great to get a spiritual boost as well as knitting thoughts. I started your 5-Day Newborn Lovie awhile ago, and because I have tons of projects going it is taking me awhile! It was originally intended to be donated somewhere, but now it is providing me comfort as I work on it. My son has cancer and we are dealing with that, just last week finally getting hopeful results on the CT scan. I'm making him a chemo hat (a mixture of several patterns). I'm also LDS and enjoyed your comments about Conference, and love how what I'm stitching/knitting/crocheting can remind me of spiritual feasting I did earlier during the same project. Thanks again!

Shelby said...

Strange socks, I'm not sure I'm very much like the way it is, but good for you for thinking up a pattern!I only like sox that go one way because my nephew just dont like em!