Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween and BLOG SCARF is done!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

We are having a Trunk or Treat with 2 other wards who meet in our building. My daughters and I are doing one of the trunks too.. we have it set up as an ocean to go fishing in. My shower curtain is over the back of the van and we made little fish and stuff to hang by it. The kids will come along and one of us will give them a 'fishing rod' and line. We throw the line over the curtain, and one of the kids will use the clothespin/bait, to clip on a treat. =) Then she will tug on the line and the little kid pulls the rod to get their candy. =)

I am excited about doing it.

We also have this mechanical 'monster' guy who sings Michael Jackson's Thriller and he dances too. He is going to be resting by the water and we taped a snorkel to his mouth! LOL!!! I will take photos. =)

I finished my BLOG SCARF!!!
How are the rest of you coming along? I ended up making it nearly 5' long (it's 57" or so). Wraps around my neck nicely and tucks into a coat. Hope someone can make good use of it as it's really turned out so cool looking! (If I do say so myself!)
And Cookie was quite happy to pose next to it! It is so warm with the sock yarn doubled up with various worsted weight yarns. I will have to make more items like that. I think I will try self striping sock yarn, and maybe plain white for baby hats. =)

Well, I told the kids I was going to relax today and make some baby booties for our newborn kits for UMC and I have barely started on that and it's 11:30 am already! They will be home in a couple of hours, and then HALLOWEEN will start I guess. Costumes, candy, trick or treaters-- there will still be a few even though we are having Trunk or treat. Our little valley is a really safe place to be, especially our neighborhood, so trick or treating is still done.




Marla said...

Hi Bev!!

What a neat idea for the trunk or treat. We only have a handful of trick or treaters there. The thriller guy sounds hilarious!!

Wow- blogscarf looks so neat!! And the pumpkin hat is adorable. And cookie is sooo cute. I've been doubling a lot of yarns lately to use up some of my stash.

Happy Halloween!!

Mimi said...

Next year my doll Blue-eyes must have a punkin hat.

I am almost done with a little boy set and the booties are your stay on newborn I am using a 8 needle for the larger size well anyway I had put color rings on the top I cannot wait to see how this looks. I almost made them into puppy booties with ears. Hmmm I love that pattern.

I am flooring today and I am taking a break :) Your rib stretch hat is done and waiting for mittens. I do so love your patterns Bev thank you.

Your making wonderful memories for alot of kids at Halloween

Helen in the UK said...

Only just discovered your blog and am enjoying seeing all your knitting and patterns etc. Love the pumpkin hat :)

Anonymous said...

Re "check your children's candy" :

The best way to do this is to eat it for them. It's for their own good. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our kids!