Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kirby Heyborne concert, knitting and more

Not a lot of time to write on this glorious Sabbath. Church was so uplifting this afternoon as the Primary did their Sacrament Presentation. The Spirit is always so strongly present when little ones sing praises to the Lord.

I did want to post what a wonderful time my family had last night at a Kirby Heyborne concert at our High School. They were raising money for the drama/media depts there. For some reason, totally beyond my comprehension, the dang football/baseball/basketball teams get tons of $$$$$, but try to get funding for the arts, or for media and that's where the buck stops.

It's shameful how there is such an unbalance in that system-- Unbalance-- is that a word?? Maybe it's imbalance in this case-- whatever, where is the money for our kids creativity! The drama/media dept have a mascot 'Petey' who is an adorable character to bears a striking resemblance to Grover, but hey! We all have our doubles out there, so they say! Petey has been kidnapped and they are raising money to pay his ransom and thus support the drama/media depts.

Kirby is an actor who has appeared in many LDS Movies, like the RM, Singles Ward, and a wonderful WWII movie called 'Saints and Soldiers'. He was talented, gracious and just terrific! He even made up a song for poor Petey! =) Charming guy... we really enjoyed him. If you want to read more about him he has a very professional website right HERE! Well worth a look and a listen, and he has several CDs - we bought 2 of them last night, and they are so relaxing to listen to.

Also found out Kirby knits! He is learning for a part in an upcoming movie! Can't wait to see that one. =) You have to love a guy who knits! Time for a couple of photos.

He was so gracious to stay late and take photos or sign things for everyone. I know he must have been tired out. He really puts a lot of energy into his concerts...

My girls were so thrilled to have their photo taken with him:

Well, keep the needles clicking and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE TODAY!



stitchnsnitch said...

Kirby knits! FAB!!!! ;)

bevq said...

He does! I am thrilled too. I wish I had had more time to chat with him about it, but there were others waiting to talk to him.

He will be knitting in an upcoming movie. Didn't meantion which one, but how cool is that??


Anonymous said...

Bev, I understand about values being out of whack. When a rock star gets more money than a brain surgeon! Hope there was a lot of money raised for arts.cloundwing

bevq said...

Kirby was a doll for coming here to perform. I am quite sure he doesn't make millions... he is an LDS actor and that doesn't mean the money is pouring in.
Yep- the world is way out of balance in the fairness dept. But it's part of the challenge of mortality.


Anonymous said...

You got it wrong. Sunday is not the Sabbath. Check out the Bible. The fourth commandment plainly says the seventhday with is Saturday not Sunday. The Sabbath was started at creation when God rested after making everything. He was not tire but set the day apart for people to spend with him.

bevq said...

This is great you are reading back in my blog this far 'anonymous'.

You and I differ on what we believe to be the Sabbath Day. Many choose to obey the Sabbath Day on Saturday, the Jewish people, the Seventh Day Adventists and others. And that is great that they are actually doing as the Lord commanded and 'resting from wordly labors and pursuits' on that day!

My Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I believe that the Sabbath Day is Sunday. That is the day we attend worship services, partake of the Sacrament, refrain from paid work, don't shop, refrain from sports, etc.

We spend that day doing things to help us feel closer to Heavenly Father like studying the scriptures, being with family, visiting the sick and elderly, doing service projects and so forth, as I am sure you do on Saturdays.

Thanks for posting.