Friday, October 20, 2006

Reflecting on peace.... hats for the needy and more

I was just sitting here thinking how very quiet it is in my home today. I love the peace, and calm and quiet times of my life. Being the mom of 5 children doesn't exactly create a bounty of quiet times, even now, when 2 have moved out, so I cherish each moment of quiet. Like a few minutes ago when I could hear Canadian Geese fly over my roof, their gentle, rhythmic honking creating natures music... so beautiful.

The birds of the desert love my garden, as we have many fruit trees, grapes on the vines, and much shade, a treasure and oasis in the Mojave desert. They flock to my trees for shade, and for nourishment., and as I take our dogs outside, I love to hear them walking amongst the branches of the fan palm trees.

Cookie, our puppy, is snuggled on the blankets on the doggy bed, softly breathing, and evidently dreaming of bugs and bunnies, and glorious blowing items to chase. She was awake and barking that shrill puppy bark, at 4:29 this morning! The whole house woke up to it. So it is good to see her sleeping now. I keep telling her she has to learn to sleep in or she won't grow, yet, she ignores me, and grows anyway, and still wakes up very early.

We change our clocks back this weekend so that should be interesting. Hopefully it won't completely baffle her inner-puppy clock so she awakens at 3:30 instead! YIKES! I think we need to tire her out an hour or so before bed!!

A reader wrote to me yesterday with a question about this pattern, the first one on the page:

Now normally, when someone asks about someone else's patterns I simply don't know the answers but this one looked intriguing, so I decided to make a hat of my own! It turned out to be so much fun to make that I want to do more. It took about 2 oz of ww yarn, and will fit an elementary school aged kid. It does fit me with a stretch, but I have a small head mind you!

I am now making the other pattern on that page so I can get a photo posted of that one too. Sandra designed some wonderful hats for me. We have since lost contact but I would love to have her design some more for my site. They have warmed many heads around the world I am sure.

If any of you have been thinking of doing some humanitarian crafting, I have several places/charities who can use your handmade warmth listed on this page:

Well, have a wonderful day and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!!

Be sure to check out more of my warm, winter patterns on this page and let's brighten the world with warmth and light this winter!!

and don't forget about Christmas gifts...


Philippians 4:3
6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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Marla said...

Thanks Bev-

I needed the peace today. Instead of "Why me Lord" I've learned to say "What's next Lord"... with his help I can handle whatever he throws at me to work through. I just have to keep my sense to work through it in a Christian manner.