Monday, November 13, 2006

Crafting Angels set up...

Went over to the Stake Center at 7 this morning and along with Joye H, we got the whole room set up and ready for CRAFTING ANGELS tomorrow morning! I am hoping we really get a lot done at our meeting tomorrow.

We set up tables for assembling Newborn Kits for UMC, and I noticed we have just about enough of everything except booties, so I have been sitting here making a few pairs. Got 2 almost done. Every pair helps. I think I counted 17 pairs there today, and we have enough items for about 35 kits so I have a few to make!! LOL!!

Also set up the table for making cards for, and I am really excited about that. We have lots of rubber stampers, some old card fronts, snowflake hole punch, glues and glitter! These cards should be beautiful. I need to go grab some construction paper so we can punch lots of different colored snowflakes; then finish dishes, change the sheets on my bed (it's Monday), and get back to making those booties.

I am going to make as many as I can today and each pair will warm a little set of toes. We had a couple of sleepers with feet donated so those won't need them necessarily. Hubby just left to drive back up to where he was transfered in Utah. I miss him already, but the great news is that he gets to have Thanksgiving Day off and can be home with us. I can't wait!!!

Since Thanksgiving IS coming up next week, how about if we all pamper ourselves a little? ENJOY!!

Well, back to dishes... HUG THE ONES YOU LIVE


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Just wondering if the Afghan Baby Project is still going. I would like to send some warm items this winter. Thanks.