Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hubby's new career, Crafting Angels, more...

Good morning!
Wow-- things have been super busy around here with Mike working from his new 'office'-- aka-- the kitchen table! What a blessing to have this man I love around again, home.

He is now a brand, new FARMERS INSURANCE agent and is working so hard for people already. He loves doing that. He is currently only licensed for NEVADA, but will soon also be licensed for UTAH and possibly ARIZONA too!

Email if you would like his BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER and we would be happy to email it to you. =)

I sure love having Mike around so much and I am trying to think of ideas to help our business grow. We are planning to have a booth at the Clark County Fair in April, and will also be setting up a table and have a small 'team' at the 'Relay For Life' also in April. My Mom, Aunt Mary, Auntie Gayle (dad's sister) all died of breast cancer.

Maternal Grandma Magee died of malignant melanoma, and my sister Lynn is a melanoma and breast cancer survivor. So fighting this disease is definitely on my mind in each new year as we talk about walking the Relay again. It will be really special to have an actual table set up though.

Since selling insurance is all about making sure people have the financial help they need, when they need it; and my passion is humanitarian crafting, I want to combine the two at the Relay and at the County Fair. Thinking of ways to do that...

Anyone have any brilliant ideas along those lines?

I know I will definitely be walking around the relay with my little red bag on my shoulder-- it is just large enough for a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. So I can make mittens or booties while I walk. And I will have something I will be working on at the County Fair booth too. Just not sure how to work that all in. I need to talk to Mike who is at meetings today. =)

Thought I would share a few photos... Temple square on Dec 30th, 2006. It was gorgeous.

The first one is of the Temple and then second one is one of the figures in the Nativity that is displayed on the grounds in front of the North Visitors Center.

There is a lovely spoken narrative from the scriptures, and as each part of the nativity is spoken of, it lights up. The photo I took here is of Joseph, Mary, and the new baby, Jesus. There were also shepherds, wisemen, etc. in various parts of the grounds. It's beautiful to go see.

And then one photo from Crafting Angels yesterday! It's of our Relief Society President, Liz, who really is not normally into quilting as she is a Rodeo gal, but she was totally enthused yesterday! I loved watching her. =) Looks to me like she has 'roped that quilt' just right - note the 2-handed action! Go Sister Adams, go!! (love that gal!)

It is really COLD out here in Nevada so I KNOW it is elsewhere... thought I would share my Shawl pattern with you.
Bev's "Dishcloth" Shawl
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim, 2004, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
Size 13 Cable/Circular knitting needles 29" long
You can buy these here:
2.5 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn
(It takes 2 to make the shawl and about 1/2 a skein to make the fringe.)

Cast on 4 sts
Knit 2 sts, yarn over, then plain knit to the end of the row.
Repeat until you have 150 sts on needle.
Cast off loosely.

Cut fringe pieces about 16" long. Fold each strand in half and using a crochet hook, make a half-hitch stitch in each 'hole' made by the YO stitches. Do this along each side, but not across the width/top.
shawl fringe

Well, I need to get some shirts and pants ironed for hubby. Love to all!




cyndie said...

Your hubby could get a table at the event. You could have a T-shirt made w/the ad on the front, so everyone can see it as you walk.
Or, like the kid that sold ad space on his head, have an add written on your forehead and the shirt!

bevq said...

I thought about that. You have to wear the Relay shirt to participate in the walk, but maybe we could put something on the back of the shirt...

Good idea!

Marla said...


Don't know how this might help with hubby's Business but one of our local Dr's offices takes any kind of crafted or hand made items as well as gift baskets put together etc. and each month or so has a silent auction or sale of the people who come in- then the money is donated to Relay for Life through their office team.

Just a thought- good luck with Hubby's business, don't know much to tell you as far as promoting that!!

Woman who knits said...

The shawl looks great and congrats to your DH on the new job!!

VaxGirl said...

Oh, clever idea on the shawl. I think I've made hundreds of those dishcoths and never would have thought of it. So simple, but beautiful!