Sunday, January 21, 2007

passion and balance

As I was watching the 'Oceans Most Deadliest' and tribute to Steve Irwin tonight, I listened to Steve talk about how being an animal conservationist was his passion. I thought of all he has done to educate people about wildlife and what an amazing man he was. One person who achieved so much because he was passionate.

He spoke of how each of us needs to find what we are passionate about and just do the best we can with that. (or words to that effect... I'd like to find his exact words because they were inspired.)

It occured to me that my earthly passion is currently 'humanitarian crafting' and teaching others to use their talents to help warm and help lift the spirits of others. Maybe someday when I die, people will say of me, that with my Savior's help, I made a difference in encouraging people to knit or crochet things for those in need all over the world. Christ really is my inspiration and I am so grateful to the good health He has blessed me with currently so I can do this type of work.

And speaking of 'all over the world'-- our soldier Steve in Afghanistan sent me some more photos of their delivering items to a Korean Hospital. They even had some hats left over for the refugees too. You just can't make enough of those warm hats to send to climates like they have over there.

I will share a couple of photos with you here on my blog, and the others you can see on this page

Steve has already sent me the name of his replacement there, as he is being deployed soon, but I won't post that soldier's info till I need to. Meanwhile please keep sending over those warm hats, mittens, scarves, gently used children's shoes etc. over to Steve and he will make sure they are delivered by our soldiers.

Bringing the needles and hooks a little closer to home, I have posted some more patterns for making those little wildlife nests needed to help rehabilitate tiny baby critters who would die without some people-help.

I sat down here tonight, while watching the Steve Irwin special, and created a knitting loom nest. Here is a photo for all of you who have been anxious to help but only knit with a loom.

I made it with 2 strands of leftover grey and green Red Heart Yarn (4 ply worsted weight). After I took it off the loom and gathered it, I took some leftover fuzzy yarn, used a sewing needle, and then randomly sewed a running stitch back and forth. When you make them on the loom, be sure to let the top roll a little and flatten the nest down a tad.

If you want to make one of these little nests it's easy.

I used the blue newborn Knifty Knitter, but any newborn sized loom should work. Use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn. Wrap it 3 times and then knit 1 wrap over 2 throughout... this is the double stitch. I made the next 3.25 inches from the beginning since the top rolls a bit. Remove with a gathering stitch, pull tightly and weave the yarn back and forth a few times to anchor it. Then you can use needle and yarn to add some furry features if you wish. The nests need to be tightly woven, no gaping holes. Nice and cozy!

For more loom knitted patterns just go to this page:

Well, it's getting late and I am really tired.




Knitting Mummy said...

Hi Just wanted to say I often turn to your website when looking for patterns I really commend everything you do you are a great lady. Thanks for an interesting read.

Petpig said...

Thank you Bev for all of your efforts. God is using you to make life so much more tolerable for people everywhere. You do inspire thousands if not millions everyday without realising it. God Bless you, Bev. You give people hope. You give me hope. Thank you!

Karen said...


It is wonderful to see that Heavenly Father has blessed you with a wonderful talent, for charity knitting and crocheting. As it says in Matthew's Gospel in the 25th chapter, I believe, If you have done this unto the least of my breathren, you have done it to me.

Have a wonderful day, and many blessings to you:-)

Anonymous said...

The comment that Steve Irwin made was that what ever you want to do is achievable. The most important thing that he found was to be passionate and enthuthiastic in the direction you choose in life and you will be a winner.

bevq said...

THank you anonymous! Interesting how my ears heard something a little different... perhaps giving me permission to be passionate. =) I loved that show... he was such a goof guy.