Monday, January 29, 2007

Sweater progression and stuff....

I have been working on so many things lately that my head is swimming. I got this idea to start making 'Pink Ribbons' to sell to raise money for Relay for Life. Mike and I are hoping to set up a table there for 'Farmers Insurance' and I plan to have some things there to sell to raise money for cancer research.

Well, I got some really nice yarn, a Peter Pan Brand that is like chenille, kind of. It makes adorable booties, but is too floppy for pins. So I got some Red Heart yarn or something stiffer out of my stash and that is working up better but I am not certain anyone will want to wear one let alone buy one!

I did take some photos of those pins and some other things, and I will try and post them tomorrow or Wed. My girls are asking me to make some custard for our Family Home Evening treat! =)

By the way, I received a most wonderful wool donation today from Brown Sheep Yarn! What a glorious treat! I am envisioning warm, colorful mittens, hats, sweaters etc for the refugees in Afghanistan. It's all hand wash only but I know they will not mind at all, they will be thrilled! I have to finish up that sweater for them, and then make at least a pair of mittens before I send another box.

Till next time....

HUG the ones you love!!


cyndie said...

Congrats on the free yarn, and just what you needed for Afghan children's warmth.!cw

Marla said...

Hi Bev!

The pink ribbons idea is great- but don't forget there are many other colors of ribbons representing other types of cancer too- you might look them up and include a card explaining what each one represents. If I'm not mistaken I believe there is one (possibly teal?) representing all cancers. Just a thought- the pink is great though and will be recognized.

Another simple idea would be crocheted bracelets in these colors. Especially for survivors or in memory of someone.

Good luck with this and with hubby's business!!

Paradox said...

Hey Bev!

I'm glad I looked at your blog before the group went down or I never would have been able to ask you about that.

What happened to the Latter-day-Sisters group over on Yahoo? I don't know if you're aware of this or not (I'm sure you'd have to be), but it's gone. I went to go check on a post, and the group appears tohave been deleted.

Would love to know what's up. My comment should leave a link to my blog. Please stop in and shed some light on the group thing.

Peace and best wishes!

bevq said...

I removed the group as it was getting to be too much for me to handle behind the scenes.

People were making comments that other took wrong, feelings were hurt, people took offense, good people had already left the group in the past couple of weeks. Several wrote to tell me they would leave soon unless something was done. I was done babysitting basically.

The members of the group never saw the bad posts that people would try to give, but they were still on moderated emails. I would have to read those and delete them.

I decided it was time to end the group before it got way out of hand. It's sad because there were so many good people on there, but you know what they say about 'one bad apple'... there were several bad apple comments. =)

Now I can focus on my humanitarian yahoo groups which is where I would rather be lately. I don't have to ever babysit those groups...

Glad you found me on here.