Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good windy morning!!

Good morning all! WOW! Is it windy here in Logandale today! It's a south-west wind but it's cold out anyhow and the wind is 30 mph right now! Things are blowing around my yarn including my unplanted but potted tomato plants we bought yesterday...

I moved them up against the house, but I hope they survive till I get back from the Temple to get them planted.

Looking at my schedule for the next couple of months, I am going to be running like crazy so please don't worry about me if I don't post here more than once a week or so. =) I'm fine, really.

Trina Boice and I have a possible publisher for our co-book.. on humanitarian work. It will feature many of my website patterns, and a few new ones. That is taking forever to get finished up as I always think of more things to add. So I will be really busy working on that coming up too. The possible publisher wants a completed manuscript soon!

Also, our eldest son is getting married in a few weeks, I am Team Captain on a Relay for Life team for my husband's business, and that is a LOAD of work let me tell you!! Plus, the yahoo groups I run, LDS Women's conference coming up (I always take a few tanned dollys for my friend there for Humanitarian), oh yes, the County Fair and Mike is setting up a booth there for FARMERS and he needs my help with that.

I made a webpage for him that you can see here:


And I am also helping a friend with the humanitarian booth there this year, but that is more advice and giving her a few banners etc that I used last year. She will do fine. =)

Well, I need to get moving here, and Mike needs to get up to go to Rotary. I think he shut off his alarm again!

HUG the ones you love!!



Christena said...


If you don't find a 'real' publisher for your book,check out Lulu www.lulu.com. A friend of mine self-published her novel here. It's cheaper than old fashioned 'vanity' publishing: in fact you pay no up front money, because they print each book to order and they just take a small percentage of those proceeds. If you work hard to promote your book you can do very well (a friend of that friend has supposedly made quite a bit with his own book; I'm working on some knit and crochet designs that I might eventually publish via Lulu . I have NO AFFILIATIONS just repeating what I've been told. I hope you succeed in finding a 'real' publisher as it makes distribution easier but if not, check out Lulu.

Terri C., San Jose said...

I was happy to find out you're LDS! I had been looking at your site for awhile because I like your patterns, and then I discovered your LDSness. Thanks for not being afraid to mention the temple and the other church-related activities in which you're involved - we need more of you around! One question - when you say the Relay for Life is a lot of work, how much work do you mean? My company is looking for a new team champion this year and I'm considering volunteering, but I'd like to know what kind of commitment I will be expected to make.

Sorka said...

busy woman!!!! make sure to take some time out for a nice cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are TOO busy! Please take time for yourself sometimes too.
I would think someone would be chomping to get your book. My prayers are with you.

hugs,Liz P

bevq said...

Hi Liz!
Not to worry about me. All the things I do are really for me a I can't sit still much. =)

Also, attending the LDS Temple, and the incredible Peace found in there, is my solace every week. It gives me deep, abiding peace, more knowledge about our Savior Jesus Christ, and the energy to do the things I need to do for my family and friends and of course, for me. =)

One day at a time is how I take it.