Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a good, good day

My children are off school today and I love being around them (especially when theybehave!) =) I went to 'Adult Religion' class this morning and it was really good- gave me much to think and pray about. Helped me think of ways to improve 'Bev'.

We also drove to Mesquite - about 40 miles from here- to get Katie some new shoes at Walmart. That's our nearest store.

We found some shoes, and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on sale! She only has one pair of jeans too so this was great to finally find some that fit her. I even totally avoided the yarn dept since I am still on my yarn diet! (Till Feb 15th but I might go beyond since I am slowly using up a few skeins).

Since our family will be participating in RELAY FOR LIFE here in April and will be sponsoring a team for Mike's FARMERS Agency and we needed a tent. I found a wonderful tent that will sleep 6, although more comfortably 4 of us and bags. It came with 2 sleeping bags, a cooler bag, a little lantern, and all for $48. When you are team leaders you need to spend the night there too. I am really looking forward to doing that. =) I am just looking forward to the whole thing! Such a good cause. We have our first meeting for RELAY teams on Thursday the 15th at Overton Library.

I am still open to any ways to raise money for this cause? Any of you ever done this, led a team for the Relay?

I need to go to the meeting, get some info on how to run this and get some team members. Maybe some of my Crafting Angels will join our team? Who knows... I thought about a bake sale maybe. And I have the wonderful PINK RIBBON PINS so many of my readers have made and sent for me to sell, and I made some too. I am thinking of making some other colors to represent other types of cancers too.

I might make some 'Ribbon Bears' too. Not sure on that yet.

Speaking of bears, if any of you need a cute pattern to make a hat for a little one, this teddy bear hat is sweet.

Well, I need to get rolling here. My counter is a mess with stuff to put away.
Hope your day is TERRIFIC!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing your team good luck at the relay coming up.
Thank you so much for sharing a pattern each time you post. I wish you could post each day!cw

Anonymous said...

Bev,what are the ribbon bears? liz parsons

bevq said...

Hi Liz!
So good to see you on my blog! =)

I am still mulling this over, but basically I would make little white bears and attach pink ribbons to them, that I also will make.

I have to secure permission to sell them for RELAY FOR LIFE though from the designer.