Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday musings...

You know, I was thinking tonight, as I walked outside under the billions of visible stars, just how quickly life on this earth goes by. When I was a child, I would go up to the attic, turn off all the lights and sit quietly, staring out the window at the stars. Their beauty captured my imagination, and spoke to me intimately, of things I did not comprehend, but knew I loved.

I am now 48 years old and I am still in awe of their incredible beauty. Now I know why. They testify to me that Jesus IS the Christ. Under the direction of the Father, He has and still does create worlds without end. The stars are but one more evidence that Christ is very alive. His works go on. He is not Heavenly Father, He is separate. He is the resurrected Christ and He loves us, you and me.

One of my favorite websites to just go search through is the HUBBLE SPACE STATION site. That is where this photo comes from. It shows new baby stars in the bluish area. You have to click on it to see it larger but it's so worth it.

Yesterday, I was able to attend the most wonderful Church Educational Fireside. Talk about a spiritual feast. I took 10 small pages of notes and still wanted to hear more. Nothing like being directly tutored by Apostles. I hope they get the written trascript posted for that soon as I know I missed so much.

Some of the important things I did learn were to LOVE those you teach, and to always prepare and teach the lessons with the Spirit. Let the people you are teaching participate, creating opportunities for them to do that by asking questions, especially ones that start with 'what do you think....'

I was also impressed deeply by President Monson telling how we need to make the lessons come alive by actually living those principles. He told of a Primary teacher who, upon hearing about a classmates mom dying, immediately asked the children if it would be ok to take the money they had saved for a class party and go over to the little boy's house to give them the money. They all agreed to this and away they went to give the dad this money they had saved.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He is my very closest and dearest friend in every sense of the word. He is just always there, near to me, and if I call on Him I can feel His influence in my life. I treasure that knowledge and feeling deep in my heart.

It's been a good day...

Tomorrow is Crafting Angels SET-UP! Takes me and a friend a couple of hours to set up the chairs, the quilting frame, and the tables with stuff to put together kits for UMC. We have enough items, thanks to my Charity Challenge group, Bears and Blankets, and various other good hearted readers, to put together 100+ Newborn kits for needy babies at UMC in Vegas.

We are also going to learn to loom dolls for me to take to Women's Conference at BYU in May! I can't wait to go there again! =) Here is how to loom a dolly, which you can make on any small loom, but my favorites are made on the THUMB loom from the In The Attic Mitten loom.

Lulu the Loomed dolly
Beverly Qualheim - copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved
I make these for LDS Humanitarian.

bev's loomed dolly
Materials needed:
15 or 16 peg mitten loom, or 12 peg bootie loom. The larger dolls to the left are made using 'In the Attics' new 18 peg Mitten loom (preemie hat loom) flesh colored yarn - 1/2 oz use 2 or 3 strands throughout yarn for the clothes or diaper - 1/2 oz use 2 or 3 strands throughout
A bit of poly-fiberfill.
How to make: (You don't have to do this exact number of rows-- just do enough till it is the length you want) Start at the top of the dolly's head and *single stitch 8 rows using 2 or 3 strands. Change colors Knit 19 more rows. OR you can knit 22 rows in the flesh color then change to white for a diaper and you can make that diaper 5 rows. End off using the gathering stitch. After removing from the loom, fill with polyester fiberfill. Take a needle and the initial yarn tail that was wrapped around the peg to start the head, and gather the top of the head. HAT Use same yarn as the body, or choose a complimentary one, and make a hat. Using the same loom, knit 7 rows. Remove the hat from the loom. The brim will roll and can be placed directly on the top of the head.

I used some yarn and wove a gathering stitch around the neck which I tied in a double knot/bow.
Use black yarn to make a simple face.


I use black yarn usually and start at the top of the head, go down to the eyes and make a _ _
Then I do the mouth the same.
Lastly I go back up to the top of the head and out. Now, I carefully tie the 2 strands up there into a knot without pulling tightly on the eyes or mouth sts. And I separate the strands to make 'hair'. =)

* Single Stitch here is using 2 strands held together as one, and knitting those 2 strands over 2 strands.


They are really fun to make. If you make one I hope you will take it to a local hospital, or shelter for families, or send it to LDS Humanitarian for worldwide distribution.

Hmm-- I might have already shared this, but thought I would again since it's something I make for Crafting Angels' potluck nearly every month. I get requests for it now!

Qualheim's New Years Taco Salad Dip
1 (16 oz - large) can refried beans
2 (8 oz) containers of avacado dip
1 (16 oz) container sour cream - mixed with 1 (1.25 oz) package taco seasoning mix
2 medium to large tomatoes, diced
1 can sliced black olives, drained
about 1 cup shreadded lettuce
1 (16 ounce) package Cheddar cheese, shredded

Spread these layers, in order starting with the refried beans, on a cookie sheet or in a 9 x 13 pan. Use tortilla chips to scoop up the dip and ENJOY!


Well, thanks for all the kind words you have written about my website Bev's Country Cottage and my blog. I love to write and to share my patterns. And I am always so very happy to hear which ones you use and where you send them to help others.

And, I might have a bunny pattern to post in a day or two. I am still working on details.




The Preemie Experiment said...

Where can I buy a Lulu Dolly? My daughter was born 14.2 weeks early, weighing 1 lb 12 oz (she is now 8 years old) and I would love to give one to her! They are simply precious!

bevq said...

Hi there!
If your daughter is 8 I bet she would LOVE to make one for herself, and maybe for friends. It's easy to do.

There are many sites with little videos and picture directions too for looming.

Mine has some on it even:

I don't sell the dolls as they are all made and donated to LDS Humanitarian, but I really recommend purchasing a loom (you can get them from links on my site, or Walmart, Michaels, maybe even JoAnn's carries them) and making them. Either you could or you and your daughter could learn together.

I have taught many people how to loom who did not know how to knit or crochet, or have any interest in learning those. But they could loom. =)

I've hae 3 preemies also... will have to come look at your blog.



Marla said...

Cool pic Bev- thanks so much for sharing. The stars and the earth are truly a gift from God and a reminder of his presence- thanks for reminding us!!

Thanks for sharing your dolly pattern and look forward to seeing your bunny pattern- haven't made a dolly yet but it is on my "to do" list!!

God Bless!!

Kathleen said...

What sweet dolls, Bev. I am going to round up some odd yarn tomorrow and make one or two for my friend's 8 month old niece--a dear who is being treated for her 3rd brain tumor. I have been scratching my head trying what to think she might like and these are perfect. Thanks.

Petpig said...

Thank you for all that you do. I am looking for a knit or crochet pattern for a Topsy Turvy doll, can you help?
I would like to make them for the Ronald McDonald house in my area.

bevq said...

If you go on my main page, at the top there is a search engine- it's family safe. Please give it a try sometime Petpig. =) Works great and HELPS my website financially!! Always good.,

I did a quick search and found LOTS but here is one

Bev =) Enjoy!!