Sunday, March 11, 2007


It's another gorgeous day here in Moapa Valley! WOW-- it's beautiful! Supposed to be 89 degrees later today. My windows are all open and a gentle breeze is fluttering in past the drapes. I can hear our wind chimes - love that sound. Such a gentle tune.

It's really no wonder this place is growing so quickly, and I know many of the locals don't welcome it, but it is happening. As I went out for my morning walk today, I didn't get to talk much to Heavenly Father like I usually do, but I did get to talk to my daughter because she ran up behind me to join the doggies and me. =)

Speaking of doggies, Mike and I got brave yesterday and gave Cookie (our Shih tzu) her first hair cut!! She looks well, um, cooler! We have a doggie grooming kit from Walmart but it is not the greatest. We will figure it out eventually here and I don't think she cares too much if her lovely blond hair is a tad chopped!

I will take a photo of her to post in another entry here. She needs her topnotch redone this morning before I do that, you can barely see her eyes!!

I finished up my page for the Relay for Life and you can find it here

If you would like to participate from home there are several items on the page for you to 'purchase' for a suggested donation. There are things like the SLUMBER CHEMO CAPS-- you can buy one of those and I will mail it to someone from you, or to you to give out personally, or you can purchase one and I will deliver to UMC in Vegas for one of their patients.

There are pink ribbon pins... those you buy for you or friends, and I will cover the costs of postage to mail them to you.

And last of all, LUMINARIES... if you have ever done the 'Relay for Life' you will know that those are the lighted bags they place around the track, on the bleachers, and so on that often are used to spell out a word like HOPE. Each one is donated in behalf of someone who is going through cancer, who has survived it already, or in memory of a loved one. Those names are read aloud as the lighting of the luminaries ceremony is performed. It's beautiful and touching.

PLEASE, if you pay for luminaries the checks must be made out to the American Cancer Society and it must be on a separate check from any merchandise you would like. So if you order say 2 Luminaries and 3 pins, you will need to send 2 checks, one for the luminaries, one for the pins.

I hope this makes sense. I sure appreciate all my website readers who have responded so far.

One last thing, our team will be holding games, face painting, and I am also teaching people how to loom knit. We need little prizes/trinkets, new fun pencils, bookmarks etc, for when the kids win a game. If you can donate a few items it will be greatly appreciated. I have tried to get a few Ebayers to donate some carnival type prizes that they sell, but no luck there.


Now this is really a fun one and very fitting for today. I need to make another one because it looks so neat. A bit of an illusion really.
Bev Q


Anonymous said...

You can go to the banks and places like that and they will give you pens and Pencils.I was a room mother for my kids and would get all kinds oof things given to me to use for that so sure they will give you thibgs you can use.
Good Luck.

bevq said...

Thanks Anonymous =) We actually only have a credit union here, no pencils or pens, and one tiny Bank of America-- never been in that one, so they might have pens or pencils.

I was actually thinking of pretty kinds of pencils you can't get from a bank or store with their ad on, but it's a thought to consider. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,

I was looking at your website and could not find a contact email for you, i would like to add my charity project link to your site and i will of course put a link on our site for you.

Please could you email me your reply to