Monday, March 05, 2007

The Rice Diet Plan

Last week, Wednesday, I started on a new way of eating. It's called "The Rice Diet Solution", but it isn't really a diet so much as it is a much healthier way of eating for the rest of my life I hope! I guess it is actually sort of an Eastern diet, but it really follows the "Word of Wisdom."

I bought the book and my daughter Patti and I started on it. Although I feel for the first part of the diet, it is way too few calories for her since she is still in her teens.

So we are modifying it a bit for her. She needs to have more calories than it suggests for overweight adults, and just adopt the new healthier way of eating. However at my age 48, I have plenty of calories just around my hips alone thank you very much!! So I am sticking to it strictly.

I will post a weight loss tracker at the bottom of my blog so you can watch me lose as I eat healthier, less, and do more exercise. With this diet you eat very little salt, or sugar (1 tsp honey or maple syrup a day) you do many whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, legumes, nuts, nut butters without added sodium, starches, lots of fruits and veggies (I am talking 2-3 servings for each meal!) meat is only once a week after the first week and even then, it's fish or poultry. The first week is a cleansing week. And you drink water, or herb teas, a little juice now and then. You can make slushies of the fruits and veggies.

It's a new way of thinking 'food', really and moving more, and eating considerably less that I was before, at least less in the way of how I was heaping my plate full of meaningless calories! I have come to really appreciate every bite of food I take, in this world where so few ever have anough to fill their bellies. I used to think I was mindful of that, but now I know I am. I eat carefully, every bite is a treasure to me... that sounds odd I am sure, but I have become very grateful to my Heavenly Father for always providing me with enough to eat.

If you are interested in purchasing the 'Rice Diet Solution Book', you can do so in the link above, or from my main website page

All Amazon purchases help me keep my websites online and the patterns available for free for everyone. =)

Here is how I am keeping track of weight loss and health gained! Isn't it cute!? The little pink fish is the one to watch as I lose lbs. I will likely update once a week perhaps. You are supposed to lose a lot of water and junk at first, and then it slows to a couple lbs a week. I can handle that.

I will try to post this on the bottom of this entire blog too for easier updating.



Anonymous said...

OH, good luck Bev!cyndie

Diane said...

48 must be the magic age where we all decide to lose the weight we've been carrying for years. Soooo much more fun putting it on than taking it off. lol

Lesley said...

I'm doing the Rice Diet as well! Hope it's going well for you and your daughter!