Sunday, May 06, 2007

LDS Women's Conference, mother-daughter road trip

It's a gorgeous, sunny day here in Logandale! I am so thankful for that. My heart has been troubled and heavy by things beyond my control but which I feel I should control. Just hearing the birds sing and seeing the clear, blue sky reminds me of the Lord's goodness and love for me.

My daughter and I just returned from Provo, Utah where we attended Women's Conference and it was so wonderful. The talks were uplifting and I wish somehow there was a way to attend ALL of them! Since there are 30,000 or so women there (sorry for the blurry photo!) they hold several different talks at the same time and you have to choose. It's hard! I know I would benefit from all of them. A few will be rebroadcast on BYUTV May 18 and 19 and it will be so worth it to watch ALL of those!! Here is a link to the schedule info.

Patricia and I attended the concert together Thursday evening and had a good time! It was such a blessing to be able to attend this with her. What a spiritual, and good daughter she is. We took a few fun photos like this with me just holding the camera out in front of us -not knowing if we would actually be IN the picture but here we are!

I was able to learn a new mitten pattern which might be online already, if not, I will post it on my site. You start at the cuff and then join it, and add your yarn back on and basically chain a hole for the thumb and go around and around to the top of the mitten. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped as we spent a LOT of time walking, and climbing stairs, and in the BYU bookstore, but I managed to make 1 pair mittens, 2 pairs of newborn booties, and 2 pocket hearts. I also made a dozen or so booties and a dishcloth to turn in when we arrived, so that all helped too.

Enjoy the rainbow! We sure did. It poured with rain both days in Provo but my great friend Kim and bought us all rain-ponchos that worked so well to keep us all dry! And we had our umbrellas! It always seems to rain for Women's Conference so I come prepared. =)

I wanted to share one thought with all of you today. We have a really loving Heavenly Father!! I know this is true. He knows our names, He knows what we are going through and He is there for us every single step of the way. His Son Jesus Christ has felt each of our pains and He knows how to heal us if we just can force ourselves to turn to Him.

I felt of their Love this past week as we traveled, and at the conference.
When Christ uttered the words 'Peace be still'- He was not referring only to the angry waves of the sea at that time. He was also telling each of us to not worry to remember who is in control of all things in this universe. He is. He CAN calm our troubled, stormy hearts and lives.




Anonymous said...

What a great event.

Anonymous said...

You and your daughter look so happy. I wish I could share experiences like that with my daughters. It's just not the same watching the broadcast.

I really enjoy your blog.