Thursday, May 17, 2007

What was America Thinking?

Ok- what was America thinking voting Melinda Doolittle off American Idol? She is by far the best singer they have ever featured on that show. It's not one I watch every week. My girls do- they love it.

Her idol is her mom, her good luck charm is her Bible... I love this gal, and her voice... well, I will wait for the first CD! Go Melinda go! Never mind public opinion. It wasn't mine.

I want to hear more from Melinda.

If I knew how to put a YouTube on my blog I would, but listen to her singing this beautiful song about our Savior returning one day and peace reigning, how every knee will bow. Thank you for singing that.


Well, I finished my purple/lavender slippers and they turned out so cute. Today I am working on 'perfecting' this pattern, and getting a photo posted on my website for this headband. It is so easy to knit and I know needed by many! Like the folks at Prine Ridge Reservation

Will post photos later as I am off to Adult Religion class


Anonymous said...

I quit watching Idol three years ago, so I know nothing about any of this year's contestants. However if Melinda is the best, she will be better off by NOT winning. She's developed a fan base, and if she's as good as you say, she will probably get a recording contract and end up with much more artistic freedom and license than she would if she won the contest and had to abide by the strict terms imposed on the winner.

bevq said...

Hi Chris,
We actually just started watching it THIS year. I'd heard about it before but had never seen it as we were unable to get network TV with our Satellite package.

There are some really talented people out there, beautiful voices, and a love for singing, but it takes stage presence and immense, inborn talent from our Heavenly Father to really touch people's hearts. I feel Melinda has that and she acknowledges her thanks to God for that which really endears her to me. =)

There are some very famous people in the world who I personally feel have little to no talent and I am not certain what propelled them to fame... I will hold off on names but it is only my opinion and I would not want to hurt feelings/

Anyhow, take a moment to listen to the YouTube I linked and see if you don't feel she has 'touch your heart and spirit' talent.

I like your thoughts on this though, and I have no idea what limitations are placed on the winners at all so I didn't know she would have more freedoms not winning. Interesting.