Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boys boxers for LDS Humanitarian, Cookie and more

In case you are wondering how my Shih Tzu "Cookie" is doing, here she is posing for the camera as usual. She is endearing that's for sure. She turned 1 year old on Thursday last week. Out other doggie "Boots" is doing well too. She has a lot of allergies and we are trying her on this new powder stuff you add to her food, to see if it helps. I feel so bad for her always chewing on her paws because she itches so much. Hopefully the new food stuff will work.

I have spent most of today cutting out and sewing little boys boxer shorts for LDS Humanitarian because they greatly need boys underwear sizes 2-8 right now. I made 2 pairs in size 5 and 2 pairs in size 8.

I used a simple pattern:

'New Look Kids' - 6641 and it comes in size 3-8!

That pattern has t-shirts, a cuffed sleeve dress,
shorts, long sleeved T-shirt and pants. They could well work for pjs too though. In fact, the pattern might be for pajamas since it suggests using stretchy material. I am not one to stick with pattern protocal though and it worked fine for these boxers!

Hope to get several more pairs done before we have our 'Crafting Angels' meeting in August. A friend who works at the Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City, mentioned that boys underwear is a great need right now for the orphanages. This pattern is just 2 pieces, a front and a back, a few seams, and elastic in a casing... and it's done. =)

Well, I finished the 2nd cape and took photos before I sewed the 2 rectangles together. I noticed with the 2nd one, which I made bigger, I should have made it a tad longer, but it will still work and be warm.

Hug the ones you love!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest dog ever!

Bev F. in Utah

Petpig said...

We also have a dog with severe allergies.
Before we changed her diet to Nutro, Maggie would bite holes in her skin, her hair was falling out in clumps and she was covered in skabs. Our vet put her on every kind of allergy medicine you can imagine, shots too! Nothing helped.
Until a lady at the pet store suggested Dry Nutro Lamb and Rice dog food. This doesn't have the same ingredients of the wet food, so was not part of the recall.
Please try it! Take your dog off of everything else, and try Nutro for 2 weeks and see if you notice a difference.
We noticed in 1 week. God bless!