Monday, July 30, 2007

A tribute to Humanitarian Crafters

I created a special montage for Humanitarian Crafters. It's not the highest quality as I am using a free version of a program to make the montages.

I am going to try to post the actual 'video' in here. Hoping this works. Enjoy and please let your friends know about it. The hundreds of thousands of Humanitarian Crafters do not seek praise or attention for all they do, but I hope this tribute lets them know they are loved and appreciated in so many ways. And if you are wondering, that is the Osmonds singing.
Love, Bev


Kathy Charniak said...

I absolutely loved this. Thank you. What is the name of the album by the Osmonds? Kathy C fr ILLinois

Emily Hendricks said...

I loved that!

bevq said...

Hi Kathy
It's their Gospel CD from a few years back.

Marla said...

Hi Bev-

Wonderful to come back to your blog after being AWOL for a good while. Thanks so much for the baby doll patterns- I have one about that size that can use an outfit.

Love Marla

Diane said...

Thank was beautiful..........