Friday, August 24, 2007

Today is doll washing day....

Today has been doll-washing day in the Qualheim home. Katie and I scrubbed dolls by hand in the kitchen sink, and I machine washed about 20 dolls -and dried them in the dryer and on the line.

What have I learned? (See photo)

NEVER, and I mean NEVER, machine dry a dolly with long hair! You cannot believe what it turns into. I am thinking the only way to salvage the one doll is to chop most of the hair off. You just cannot believe what a matted, tangled, snarled mess of nylon that is!

Anyone else have any better ideas to fix that mop of hair besides cutting it off?!! Trust me. The photo does not do it justice. That is just a tiny part of that dolls 'hair'. I have soaked it in hair conditioner as I heard that makes it so you can brush it -- to no avail.

One dolly had both arms ripped off in the machine and lost most of the stuffing too. =( Beyond repair! Good thing we discovered it in the machine and not a couple of months down the line here as a little one is playing with that dolly that had loose arms.
The rest of the dollies should be good. They just need some clothes, and they are a ton of different sizes let me tell you! We have a couple that are maybe 6"-- they have outfits, all the way up to that large doll you see in the photo of the basket above. She needs newborn - maybe 3 month sized clothing! Big baby! =)

Most are between 12" and 16" or so. But there are a variety! I only have a few of the dolls as 2 other friends here have been collecting them from yard sales and DI thrift shops. I am guessing we have 75 or so and at least 50 need clothes.

If any of you are in the mood to make doll clothes we could sure use them, before Sept 8th, for 'Crafting Angels.' which we are holding Sept 11th That's the day we will be doing the last fixing up on them and dressing them, doing their hair and getting them ready for delivery to LDS Humanitarian. I feel it's a great day to be doing some good in the world, a good day to work on bringing joy to come little ones.

You can crochet, knit, sew, loom knit, anything, as long as it will fit a baby doll. We need hats, booties, shirts, pajamas, dresses, etc. Blankets we should have, as one lady here is making lots of those for us.

I do have links to some handmade clothes from this page DOLL CLOTHES.

And my special dolly outfit pattern can be found here

Doll clothes can be mailed to:

Bev Qualheim
(Crafting Angels - dolls)
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427

Kofod Fireside
If you are LDS you likely have seen THE TESTAMENTS movie..

Now you can order a beautiful fireside given by Ane Marie and Tomas Kofod,who is the man who played Jesus Christ in 'The Testaments'.

They both bear a powerful testimony of the Savior.



Marla said...

Hi Bev-

Don't mean to say I told you so, but I coulda told you that (about the dryer) LOL Been there, done that!!

Quite Seriously, MOST dolls and stuffed animals can go through the gentle cycle in the washer then be air dryed or put on the air dry cycle in the dryer (no heat).

Try Emailing she has been into a lot of doll reborning and might be able to help you with the hair problem. She did teach me that plain old generic clearasil (benzoyl peroxide acne cream) will take marks off a vinyl baby doll, put it on then use a gentle hair dryer or put it in the sun for a bit. it works!!

Maybe Carol will know what to do with the hair. Good luck!!

Knittin Kitten said...

Hi Bev
In my experience with salvaging dollies I have found that most of those stubborn ink and crayon marks on faces and arms come off if you rub peanut butter into them and of course then wipe off.
As for the hair problem, I would make a little hat and permently attach it.
God Bless

Jacque said...

Hi Bev,
Hey my sister-in-law taught me how to fix dolls hair. You use fabric softner on it and work through it with a comb. Worked like a charm for me anyway. After you get it combed through then you can rinse and style. Smells good to. ;)

Good luck!