Monday, October 08, 2007

Mitten Blitz continues!

Pattern for mittens in photo can be found here

I've decided to continue the mitten blitz for LDS Humanitarian, for a bit here.

A couple of my yahoo groups are involved in making them and I am not certain how many we have finished at this point. I've made 9 pairs, but I need to at least make it an even 10 pairs don't you think? I might knit another pair since I crocheted most of them.

If you want to join in you can find patterns here:
or use your favorites. These will be shipped to orphanages around the world.

This is one of the sweetest videos I have seen! This baby duck is actually feeding koi fish! Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to show your patterns, and to share your passions with us.I like the color of your new blog setup,but I miss your old links.Many were like old friends of yours.I can't find the link to your patterns and recipes, it there? Hope your day is some sun,exercise,think happy thoughts,have some omega=3 foods,and keep on crafting.Keeps that depression at bay! carol

bevq said...

Hi Carol!
Yep- I am still trying to find all the old links to blogs that I had on the pink blog It's getting there slowly.

I think you are looking for my website

Let me get that back on there right now. =)