Monday, October 01, 2007

New look and "International Charity Crafting Week"

I was really tired of the PINK look on my blog so I decided to update today. They were not kidding when they mention you will lose any changes you have made to your blog!

I lost all my links, amazon books, etc, so please bear with me as I find those great blogs, ads, and other ditties again and add them back. It will take me a while. It's ok- I really like blue better anyhow. =)



October 1-7th every year!

Go give to the needy
sweet Charity’s bread
for giving is living
the angel said.

But must I keep giving
again and again?
My selfish, thoughtless
answer ran.

"Oh, no," said the angel
piercing me through,
Just give ‘til the Master
stops giving to you.


In case any of you are wondering what "International Charity Crafting Week" is, you can read all about it on this page. I actually started this years ago when I was working for Alan Osmond as webmaster for, as a way for more knitters and crocheters to catch the charity crafting bug. I have continued it on my own website now:

Hope you and your friends will join us as there are so very many millions of Heavenly Fathers children who are in great need of your help.

I actually have 2 of my yahoo groups doing a MITTEN BLITZ for LDS Humanitarian and it can be incorporated into ICCW.

If you have a craft website feel free to right click on this banner above and save it to your images directory on your hard drive. Post it on your website with a link to:


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Marla said...

Hi Bev,

I haven't updated my blog in a while but here it is so you can copy the link: and my baby patterns website is

Your blog looks great- I know it's a pain having to redo links though. Several were broken links so maybe this will be a fresh start.