Friday, October 26, 2007

Somedays I just really wanna knit...

... but life gets in the way. I am still, yes, still, working on making as many pairs of mittens as I can for LDS Humanitarian. Hubby and I are going to Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks to see a friend and to stay with our son and dil and I can't wait.

I am also going to get to work in the Humanitarian center while we are there and I am so excited to do that. I will be taking all the items I have made lately directly to the center instead of to DI in St. George who has to ship them up to the main humanitarian center anyhow.

My daughter has been having her 13th birthday party today since the kids are off school for Nevada Day and they seem to be having lots of fun!

It's a High School Musical theme but they weren't really interested in watching the movie again, or playing the games, except 'pass the Parcel'! That one always goes over well. They have been dancing and singing REALLY LOUDLY, and they went outside to teach each other cheers for a while, till I saw them making a pyramid with the smallest girl on the way top!!!!!! I decided it was time to intervene! I had visions of ambulances dashing to, or flight for life landing in, my back yard!

I actually got some quilting done for a while, as I want to take some of the quilts for Katie's Baby Jesus Blanket project to the center when we go up there. She has 70 quilts as soon as I get this one tyed and bound. =)

You can't see the design but it's really cute with Precious moments little girls and I am tying it with 'lullaby' yarn from Red Heart. It's baby yarn named lullaby -- ok-- loud girls, Bev can't think or type!


3 pkg vanilla pudding, bleded with 4 1/2 cup cold milk.
16 oz Oreo cookies, freeze and crush in blender
8 oz whipped cream cheese, blended with 16 oz Cool Whip

In a new sand pail or flower pot, layer:
1) Pudding
2) Oreos
3 Pudding
4 Oreos etc repeat layers
You can also mix gummy worms in each layer for added fun!


HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! and pray for our soldiers every day.



Anonymous said...

Bev great quilting frame (shown in your photo) I am looking for one about that size...may I ask where you purchased it? Thanks

bevq said...

I wish I owned one. That is actually a friend of mines and she lets me borrow it.

I have seen them online but they are about $90-- way beyond my means. It's a PVC quilting frame.