Friday, November 30, 2007

Loomed Teddy Bear

This pattern was going to be reserved for my charity crafting book I have been writing for the past 4 years, but since no publisher seems to be interested, I am going to start posting some of these patterns that were book-only, on my blog.

There are too many children in the world who need the warm clothes and toys, to have them sitting in a computer waiting for a publisher to say 'ok'.


Bev’s Mitten Loom Teddy Bear
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2006

Using the hand part of the Mitten Loom
3 oz of Caron Wintuk or Red Heart Worsted weight yarn – you will be holding 2 strands together throughout.
Or use 4 oz Caron Simply Soft yarn and hold 3 strands together throughout.

Head and Body (one piece)

Starting at the top of head, leave a 6” tail of yarn for weaving later

Use 2 strands of yarn held together

E-Wrap around loom twice

Knit 11 rows for head

Knit 17 more for body (28 rows total)

Cut 8” tail of yarn and thread onto yarn needle. Remove bear using gathering method.

Pull yarn tightly.

Now stuff up to head using fiberfil. With needle and yarn, weave in and out around neck and gather tightly.

Now stuff head, and gather top of head with the yarn up there.

LEGS – using thumb loom

2 strands held together again

e-wrap and knit 15 rows, gather off, stuff and stitch top of leg shut. Make another.

ARMS –using thumb loom

2 strands held together

e wrap and knit 10 rows, gather off, stuff and stitch top of arm shut. Make another.

EARS –using thumb loom

E-wrap 5 rows and gather remove. Don’t stuff.

Now, sew arms, legs to body and stitch ears in place at top of head.

Stitch on a face with black yarn or DMC floss.

You can make your bear a scarf too.
Size H crochet hook and a small amount of worsted weight yarn in a contrasting color.

Chain 4

Dc in 2nd chain from hook, and across. (3 dcs), chain 3 and turn

Dc in 2nd dc from hook and across. Ch 3 and turn

Continue till scarf is about 9” long or desired length.

Please consider making one of these for a local Toys for Tots program, for a child in need; as well as for gifts for your little ones.

If you need a place to send one, the LDS Humanitarian Center would be thrilled to get as many as you can make.
Address and info here:

You might also want to make a puppet or two!


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Rose said...

I've been reading through your blog and know what, Bev? You are an incredible woman. I'm glad to know you even though it's only virtually. God Bless You!