Thursday, December 13, 2007

True Meaning

I know it's a really busy time of the year, and I hope all of you are keeping up with the band/choir concerts, perhaps Christmas parties, Christmas baking, shopping and wrapping of gifts, with a smile. =)

We sometimes get so caught up in the halestorm of 'good things' to do that we forget the reason we have Christmas at all, and how to focus on that reason. The good reasons are needed, but the better and BEST need to be remembered too.

The Word, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, the God of the Old Testament, created worlds without end, including this earth, and then with His deep love, He came to this earth as a tiny, newborn baby.

He grew, He showed love to all around Him, He had time for everyONE, He genuinely cared as He walked this earth. He taught us with His life, and as He suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsamane, and as He died on the cross at Calvary. He taught us to submit to the Father's will, no matter how harsh it seems, it will eventually do good.

That tiny baby grew to teach us all to love one another and how to do that. After His death and His resurrection, which I testify DID happen.

Jesus Christ really does have a perfected and glorious, resurrected body, separate from any other being. He is one in purpose with Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.

After His death and resurrection Christ came as a resurrected being to the Americas, and He taught His same Gospel to the people here. He let them, come one by one, to feel the prints in His hands and His feet. He prayed with them. He blessed their little ones. I have prayed to Heavenly Father to ask, and I know this really happened.

The life of those people, and their prophets who testified of Christ through the ages, was recorded in The Book of Mormon, and it stands as another Witness to the divinity of Christ.

I testify that Jesus lives! He really does. He IS the Savior of mankind and He loves us so very much, with a love we simply cannot comprehend. Our loving Heavenly Father sent Him here to save each one of us... not the masses and crowds, but each one individually, singly, one by one, so we can live with Him and with Heavenly Father once more. He knows us. He knows your name and mine. He knows our pains in ways we cannot understand, and He can help us, always.

It is my prayer that each of us will strive to be a little kinder, a little more loving, a lot more like Christ in any way we can. May we all work together no matter what our faith, to make this world prepared for the 2nd Coming of our Savior. May we reach out to those in need this Christmas and every single day of the coming year, and treat all with more gentleness and love. May we look at others and see all the good they have done. May we see the image in Christ in each person we come in contact with.

I have a special page for this time of year that might help you and your loved one get in the mood for the real Christmas.

I hope you can make time to read that while reading through messages and hopping around on the internet today. There are idea and suggestions on there on how to remember Christ our Savior right now. =)

Make it a more beautiful day tomorrow!


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