Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun-Quilt tutorial

Had to stop in and see how many more weeks till my grandson is born! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, am I a bit excited? Yeah- just a little. Kinda like when my babies were born, only I am not doing all the work this time. =)

I am glad for the internet so I can see photos of him when he arrives on this planet. Not sure when I will get to actually see him in person and snuggle him, but I can't wait. =)
Did I say that already?

I wanted to show you a photo of my latest fun quilt. This was made from wonderful flannel 'scraps' a dear lady mailed to me.

If you want to make a quilt like this here's how:

Cut out a cardboard square the size you want the squares to be. I have one for 5" squares and one for 3.5" squares and love 'em both. I taped all around them with wide tape too to preserve them better. You can't buy templates that size, but these are the size I love.

Ok-- use a rotary cutter and cut out several squares at a time using a cutting mat of course. You can buy all those things at Wal-Mart or JoAnns etc. I keep mine in a big shoebox with a lid. =)

These fun quilts are meant to be FUN! Fun colors and patterns, each square different if you have that many scraps of material. Great for developing baby's eyes.

Obviously doesn't take much material to make a 3.5" square! You can cut up old cotton or flannel shirts or PJs or dresses or... for material; and you can get those cheap, sometimes in a free box at yard sales. As long as you can pull on the material and it doesn't rip it should be good for a quilt. Sheets make a good back.

Now, to make a baby/crib quilt, you need to sew together strips of 15 (3.5" squares) using a 1/4" seam-- I actually seam along the edge of my sewing machine 'foot'-- not sure what else they are called. Make 12 strips and sew them together to make your quilt top. I bought a twin sized flat sheet from Wal-mart-- $2.88 and from that I cut 2 crib quilt backs and I have material left over to make into more squares!

You need batting... that can be expensive so look for good buys on it at JoAnns and other shops like that.

You need access to a quilting frame.

Tack the bottom material to the frame, cut out batting or piece it with smaller leftover pieces-- hand whip stitch those pieces together if you do that, then place the quilt top on the top and tack that down with large thumb tacks. You can see those in my photo.

Find a matching or suitable yarn, I like to use baby yarn... it's easy to thread for my nearly 50 year old eyes! And for baby quilts it's perfect!

Using a large head, sharp quilting needle, thread your yarn- doubled, and start quilting.

On top of the quilt, put your needle in at point A on the photo, go through all 3 layers, and back up about 3/8ths of an inch away at point B. Now place needle back into the quilt at point A again, all 3 layers again, and back up at point B.

Now take your needle to the next place on the quilt where you want to tie it, preferably about 3-4" away. Repeat that stitch - go as far as you can with the yarn you have threaded. Go back and cut the yarn in between each 'stitch' formed.

You can read more here:

I have so much fun making these wonderful quilts! I have made a couple for daughters, one for us to take on picnics, and one for my bed and I they feel so full of love when you snuggle under them!

The ones I am currently making, the crib quilts are for LDS Humanitarian as they can use thousands, all sizes! Many of the crib quilts go to orphanages so the more patterns and colors to stimulate the babies eyes, the better!

Hopefully you will get the materials and the urge to make one for people you love or for a charitable cause. You won't regret it!



Chris said...

You make it look so easy. Actually on my wishlist is a rotary cutter. I am going to JoAnns tomorrow and see what they got.
Your quilt is beautiful - thanks for sharing.

fotome said...

The quilt is cute. I am not on the charity group anymore but I do have another box of scraps if you want them. I saw that you are in New York enjoying your new grandson. Congratulations.
Jo Ann

bevq said...

Hi Jo Ann
I would love another box of material scraps! Thank you =)