Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's still me!

As you might have noticed, I have changed the look of my blog, updated and added some new features.

I have to share...
This past Monday, I had such a lovely surprise, a wonderful HUGE box came in the mail! The gals on my yahoo group 'Bev's Charity Challenge' had held a 'grandma-baby shower' for me and for my new grandbaby!! Can you believe it!

I have to share a photo of the items that were sent. I am still in awe!
Are all those items just darling or what!? I can't wait to hold him and then, yes, change his clothes and dress him all cute! This granny thing is just too exciting.

I chatted with Joanna and Shaun earlier today, and no baby yet. I keep waiting to my cell phone to ring. She did have a contraction while we were chatting, but that doesn't quite get that little guy here!! I'm impatient I guess. =)

I have been working on some new patterns to share with all of you, and I will do that this coming week as I am only working a couple of days and will have more time to do that. 2 are for baby bibs, because LDS Humanitarian needs those right now, and 1 is for a ribby dishcloth. Who can't use more dishcloths or washcloths?

I need to get off here and get supper started so we can eat tonight. And I will get photos of those bibs and dishcloth and get them posted ASAP.



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