Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quilt part 2

Happy Sabbath day everyone!
What a lovely sunny day it is here... expecting highs in the low-100s which is normal for Logandale in June. Right now I have the windows open and it's only 75 out. I can hear the birds singing in my garden - one of my favorite sounds in whole world. I am also eating a plum off our tree, on my oatmeal this morning! How thankful I am to my Father in Heaven, to have fruit trees and the good husband who had the foresight and patience to plant them all.

I wanted to finish up the quilting how-tos from the other day now that I have that quilt tied and off the quilting frame and it's bagged up ready to get to the Humanitarian center at the DI in St. George, Utah!

The final step in making the quilt, is edging it.

I always leave about 2" extra around the bottom 'sheet' or material for the quilt, than I have for the top. But it will work even if you have them cut the same size.

After removing the quilt from the frames, take your bottom sheet, or material, and fold it over and then over again, to make the edge. This you are going to do all the way around, pinning as you go.

You are basically making a hem like you would in a pair of pants or in a dress.

As you can see in the photo, I might need to tie the squares around the edge of the quilt too. We missed those when my CTR class and I were tying this one, because I was not sure how far into the edge squares the eding would be sewn. That's ok-- easy to do with it just on my lap.

If you didn't leave enough material to do this, then take all 3 layers of the quilt, bottom, batting and top, and roll it over twice and pin around. It will work too, it will just make your quilt a little smaller than you had planned.

Now you will choose a zig-zaggy type stitch on your machine, and around the quilt you go.

Corners are my least fave thing to do on quilts.
Some people, talented ones, miter the edges... yeah- good luck with that one! My friend Joye told me to just fold them down as I go and stitch across the folded part. See photo.

Joye is much better at that than I am too. I usually have a bit of extra hanging over... but no one seems to mind so far. And the batting doesn't fall out or anything; just make sure you hand stitch that last little edge part shut-- see where it is not stitched. That will make it neater and better..

So, that's how you edge the quilt.

I hope I have not left off any details. If you have questions, please post them in the comments and I will do my best to help you. I am no expert mind you so be kind. =)

Remember to read your scriptures and hug the ones you love!
People are so important to our Heavenly Father. Let's make them more important to us too...


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