Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back from NYC!!

My daughter Patti and I are back from NYC and what a great trip we had! I could not get enough of that precious little grandson of mine. It was so hard to leave him back there when we had to say goodbye. I had no idea it would be so heart-wrenching. Just one of the pains of deep-family love I guess...

I wish I had remembered to take my journal with me, but I did take a photo journal of sorts to help me remember all I did there. I will summarize here, but we did so much! Joanna and Shaun were very gracious to let us stay in their beautiful apartment, and I felt very much at home there. They live on the 22nd floor and have an amazing view of Manhattan. Such a different pace of living there.

Patti and I got pretty efficient using the Subway there, as it takes you everywhere, just swipe that card, and get on the right one going in the right direction, and off you go!

Here are a few of the things we did in NYC!
* Mets Game
* Shopped
* Snuggled that beautiful grandson of mine!
* ChinaTown
* Little Italy
* Broadway- "Wicked" so good!
* Times Square
* Snuggled that beautiful grandson of mine!
* Jonas Brothers free concert in the park
* shopping again!
* Staten Island Ferry
* Snuggled that beautiful grandson of mine!
* Ocean - collected sea shells on Fire Island
* Tavern on the Green - ate there with Joanna's mom and boyfriend -- great atmosphere and food!
* Rode the Subway and taxis a lot!!!
* Museum of Natural History
* Delicious dinner with Joanna's dad and step mom
* Walked in Central Park - absolutely lovely!

* Walked in Riverside Park with Jackson in the front pack. He slept the whole time!
* Snuggled that beautiful grandson of mine!
* Penn Plaza- ate at my son's cafeteria there at McGraw Hill
* Ate delicious Pizza at a local Pizzaria!
* Snuggled that beautiful grandson of mine!
(did I say that already???)
* Went to Manhattan First Ward - (near Broadway) for Church and what amazing singing went on there, let me tell you!

This is not in order or anything, but a listing of some of the things we did there. It was so much fun!

I think we wore him out!!

Take care all and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev; Loved to hear about your trip to NY. When we lived in Connecticut we were an hour outside of NYC. Took the train in to shop and see shows.
Your grandson is so cute. I guessed you hugged him some!! Glad your back, missed you. Pat in FL

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you got to see Jackson finally!!! :) Your trip to NYC sounded amazing and busy! I miss my trip there, and I was only there for four days!

Tavern on the Green IS great. :) All the food in NYC is fantastic...especially Carnegie Deli!

I took the Staten Island Ferry at about about a crazy ride! Holy smokes!

When I was there, in one Sunday I went to a morning family ward, followed by a Spanish ward, followed by the Singles Ward (all in the temple building)...and I TOTALLY agree...the singing BLEW ME AWAY. What an amazing place to a be a member and SING!!! :)

Love ya,
Stephanie L. (in SLC)

Sandie said...

A true grandma, snuggling that baby every change you got! Sounds like you had a great time and now you are safely back home. Time to plan the next trip! ;-)

seastartrue said...

I love the one with you two looking at each other. I'm so glad that you were able to hold him. Hope you can go to the blessing.


Whitney said...

Oh my Bev! I so love the first picture of you and your grandson! There is so much expression and love pouring out of both of you in it.

I am so glad you all had a great time in NYC. It is a fun city to visit. We don't get there near enough and we are only 6 hours away. It was fun to see all your pictures.