Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stash Bashin'!

Does he just get cuter and cuter or what??? And Jackson is coming here, yes here, for his baby blessing- they will arrive on Sept 23rd and grandma can't wait!

Not a lot of time to update in here, but I do want to as often as I can.

I woke up with a terrible migraine this morning at about 3 or 4 am. I hurt so bad I couldn't see the clock. I managed to get an Excedrine down though. (note to self-- don't take Excedrine on an empty stomach in the middle of the night!) At about 5 am I could hear my daughter out in the hall and, I asked her to help me get out to the couch. She is my 'nurse' when I am not well... she just really comforts me, having her near.

The pain went away at about 6 am, but the nausea has remained all day. Made for a long morning in adult religion class and at work, but I did it!

I am starting this 'Stash Bashin' thing till Christmas! No more yarn purchases till Christmas, or until I use up a dozen skeins-- that's in case I have not used them up before Christmas.

I really have so much yarn. I see it on sale, or people give me their surplus. And it's got to be made into warm things for people in need, not lining my closet. I think I have this hang up since money has been tight since we we got married 29 years ago, that I might run out and not have ANY to relax and knit with. It's like a security blanket, but it isn't helping people as it should be. So time to make a serious dent and 12 skein's isn't going to do it! Heck, I have mailed out 4 pretty big boxes of yarn to contest winners and people in need of yarn, this summer, and more has been sent to me! Wish I could mail out cash and have it work that way!! However...

So, if anyone else wants to join me in bashin' their stash, please do, lets get those warm hats, mittens, scarves, slippers, booties, blankets, etc started!

Before we know it, people will be very cold and will need those items.

I also posted a couple of new patterns on my site.
One is a 3-6 mth baby jacket

LDS Humanitarian as well as many other agencies, shelters, etc can use warm sweater/jackets for little ones. I am thinking this one can be made larger by adding a couple of rounds to the hexagon too.

And I also made a pattern for a new scarf. This one is to commemorate the Special Olympics Winter Games.

They need 5,000 scarves in these 2 yarns by Jan 1st. The contestants will each be given one to wear.

The 2 colors needed are Red Heart delft blue (885) and white (311) Well, you can see the yarn needed, my pattern, a mailing address, and more info, on THIS PAGE.

You can use any pattern you wish, I just decided I wanted to get in on the act by creating my own pattern. :)


Bev Q


Kate said...

I may not exactly be "stash bashing", but I'm going to be turning out caps for cancer patients, and hats and scarves for the less fortunate in my city . . .
Let's hear it for putting our stash to good use! :)
Oh! And enjoy having your grandson at your place for his blessing . . . what a special time! :)

FibroKnits said...

Bev, Jackson is so cute! I am glad that you will get to see him again this month, and that you can be at his blessing.

I am working on "stash busting" as I try to finish my Hats for the Homeless project, and then make a few gifts for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, your grandson is so precious ! I also have misc yarn balls I need to use I better get busy ! I did try and go to the page showing the scarf pattern for the Special Olympics and nothing comes up? Help !

Thanks,cyn from Florida

Linda said...

The Special Olympics Scarf project is one that I have been trying to get involved with. But I can't find any of the Delft Blue in the Mesa, AZ area. Even the online stores are out of it.

I'm glad to see that someone is able to find yarn!

Nicole said...

Bev, this is also called a "yarn diet." I'd join you but I'm really not good at diets. I'd just end up with more yarn than I started with. LOL!

BTW, Jackson is a little doll!

Norma said...

Jackson is so cute! He is a real heart stealer. He is also fortunate to have you for a Grandmother.

Cheryl said...

I'm attempting to "stash bash" myself, started right after my recent birthday, having decided to make 1 hat for each year that I've been on this planet, I have ten more to go to reach my goal and I don't plan to stop when I reach it either--still have pumpkin hats to do. my handiwork will keep lots of babies warm at our local hospital's nursery. Cheryl in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev!
I just LOVE your site and visit every week! Thank you so much for putting the info about the Special Olympics on your site. I found the Delft Blue yarn, FINALLY(!) at our local Walmart, here in Lancaster, Ohio. I have already completed 6 scarves and plan to do 12-15. What a wonderful project to get involved with and I am having such fun creating different scarves each time!

God Bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

When I saw your Special Olympic scarf pattern I had to try it. Thanks for a great pattern. I enjoy your blog and comments. God bless!