Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness month

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Most of you likely know that October is the 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month so I thought I would post a bit about that today.

One thing that is good to do is go to this site and click on the button there to help get Free Mamograms for women who need them. They also have a lot of cool things to purchase in their store so that help even more people.

I have a PINK RIBBON PAGE on my site that has many items you can make to help others, especially those dealing with treatments for cancer. So many would appreciate a soft cap, a pink one even, made just for them to help keep their heads warm in this colder weather.

You can even see a couple of rather fuzzy photos of my mum who died of metastasized breast cancer back in 1983. I still miss her and wish she could be alive to see her great grandbabies being born now! She would truly be in 'heaven' on this earth with that experience! She loved babies, and she loved knitting for them. You are loved and missed mum...

Ok, so raise your hand if you have never had a mamogram?

Now, if you have not had one this year?
(I am raising my hand) I know I need to call and get one set up. It's time. No more excuses...
They are not scary, they do not hurt, (I'd rather have 100 mamos than ever go to the dentist!!) they are worth having for the peace of mind if nothing else. So who's with me? I need that extra push this year to get out there as money has been in short supply but that's an excuse. If you have had your mamo, or will call to set one up, please comment in my comments area.

For those of you who like to cross stitch, here is a PINK RIBBON to make. It could also be made in plastic canvas.

Ok- so let's call and get those mamograms set up and done for this year, and let's click on the link above to get more free mamos for those who need them. We can do this!

HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE and take care of YOU so you can be around for those who love you.



Anonymous said...

your site is simply rocking!!!!!!!!1
keep going
have a look at ma blogs..
lance and dude

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I know you stay so busy...but know that we really miss you when you do not blog...your ministry is yourself and everything you share with are my mentor ! As the person stated above me....your site is rockin ! cyn from florida