Tuesday, November 04, 2008

1st stocking

I finished knitting my first stocking for the tiny stockings for the troops project I posted about yesterday.

I used size 3 knitting needles and worsted weight red yarn and Christmas yarn. It's cute, but I would change a couple of things I did. One thing is that I decreased stitches by knitting into the backs of the 2 stitches I was knitting together - I think I will go through the front on the next stocking just because there is a little yarn-line from knitting into the back. At least I think that is what caused it. I will find out. =)

The 2nd thing is I need to figure out how to stitch the seams nicer. I am not happy with the way those turned out so I might need to use mattress stitch or something. I just did a regular seam on this.

If you would like to help PLEASE do! Julie needs over 800 of them by Nov 30th. That's 26 days from now.

I hope all of you who could, went out and cast your votes today. My heart aches that I am unable to do that. I am going to be starting to save the $1000 I need to pay the fee and take the test to become an American citizen. Hopefully, we will be in a financial position for me to actually to do that before the next election, and not have some emergency to use the money for instead.

Meanwhile, I am praying like crazy that the people of this country will come back together, and work for what is right, and morally correct, and good for the Constitution of this great land!

HUGS TO ALL!! And hug the ones you love tonight.



Wendy said...
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Julie (momwolf53) said...

Bev you should just knit them in the round:) Thats how I do it

Klymyshyn Design said...

How precious! The sock AND you!